April 30, 2024

Z - Zoo Trip


Theme: Grief Work and Healing Journey

A couple of weeks after my mom passed away two friends took me on a tour through the Brevard Zoo, which was named the third best zoo in the nation last year. It was the perfect day, not too hot but actually started with a slight chill, so all the animals were happy and out and active, not hiding in the shade and conserving their energy because of the heat. Because of that, I was able to catch a lot of awesome videos. (You can see those in my V for Videos of Wildlife post.) 

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from that trip. They make me smile.

Tortoises make me smile. 

When their wings do that, it’s called “Angel wings.”

I loved the lions!

The zebras were so pretty.

Gotta love the giraffes. I especially love how they run. 😆

King Vulture

A spider monkey just chillin.

Sheldon the Komodo Dragon is so sweet. He had recently lost his mate. My heart went out to him.

Orchid garden

The zoo had “Bold Boards” on display. This manatee one was my favorite.



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Z - Zoo Trip


  1. That tortoise does look like it's smiling, and I love those angel wings as well as the beautiful orchards. Nice post.

    1. Those are two of my favorites. That’s why they’re the first two. 😉

  2. It looks like you had a good trip to the zoo.

  3. You really took some wonderful pictures and videos. I love watching the lions play like housecats. <3

  4. Hi Chrys - this sounds like an ideal day out - your friends were right. Love your photos ... and I'm sure further visits will be forthcoming - animals are extraordinary ... cheers Hilary

  5. This looks like the perfect day at the zoo, Chrys. Great shots of all the beautiful animals. I didn't realize you were doing the A-Z blog for April. Wow, good for you. Your WIPS sound intriguing!