June 20, 2023

Children’s Books for Pride Month


I’m highlighting children’s books with LGBTQIA+ rep or by LGBTQIA+ authors for Pride Month. These are harmless books that are banned or people want to be banned, which is precisely why I read them and why I’m spotlighting them on my blog. I’m grateful that my local libraries carried these. 

Read banned books!

Read books by LGBTQIA+ authors!

Read books with LGBTQIA+ representation!

Read books about gender identity to children!

Fight for these books to stay accessible to all readers!

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson:

A cute, real story about two male penguins who chose each other and were blessed with a baby of their own to love and care for, making their family whole.

Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack:

I adored this story about a prince who knew what he wanted and found that love with a knight. And EVERYONE welcomed their love. 

June 06, 2023

Dear Perfectionist Writer


Dear Perfectionist Writer,

In my post “Dear Stuck Writer,” I discussed how people could say you’re blocked because you’re not willing to embrace imperfect art and how that statement is not accurate for all artists. But now I want to discuss actually seeking perfection.

Aiming for perfection in the first draft (even your final draft) can cause exhaustion and lead to burnout. It can cause your muse to cross their arms and run away. 

It is okay to write a sentence that’s two words long. Sometimes I write a sentence that’s a single word long.

It is okay to write a sentence that is subpar.

It is okay to write a wordy sentence.

It is okay to write a boring paragraph.

It is okay to write a paragraph that is two sentences long, or one sentence long.