January 20, 2020

A Man Like Donovan / Vlog

Thank you for stopping by for this vlog post on Write with Fey!

A reader of the Disaster Crimes series (Toi) asked me if there is or ever was a man like Donovan in my life. Here's my answer. ;)

A Man Like Donovan

Length: 3:47

January 08, 2020

Every Author's Path Is Their Own

I wish my January post was cheerier, but I have some stuff I need to purge. Therefore, this is long. What can I say? I’m a wordy blogger.

Social media is TOXIC. (Raise your hand if you agree.)

I’m not going to reiterate about what’s been going on with Romance Writers of America or comment on the authors involved or the shit-storm that followed. What I will say is that I’m glad I never had the money to join RWA (I always wanted to because wasn’t it what all romance authors did?), never had the money to enter their RITA competition (and I had really wanted to enter Tsunami Crimes for years), and never had the money to join a chapter (because I’d found a local one). Yup, I am glad!

On to another topic…

Recently, in our own FB group for IWSG, I saw a post about the daunting statistics of signing with an agent, and the comments took off to say things like “trad querying is a waste of time” and how you realize what a “bullshit racket it is and self-publish.”

Comments like this bother me, but I never respond because social media drama gives me anxiety. (I’m even nervous about this blog post.)