December 04, 2019

The Fey Guide to Writer's Burnout / Linky Mashup

The Fey Guide to Writer's Burnout:

Speak - Part 1 – how speaking about my writer’s burnout was my first step to recovery.

Write YOU - Part 2 – writing about yourself can be the easiest form of writing.

Writer’s Meetings - Part 3 – how attending a writer’s meeting could be just the thing you need to feel connected.

Morning Pages - Part 4 – could writing pages every morning in a journal help you?

Free Your Mind with Walking - Part 5  the benefits of walking/exercising.

One Day at a Time - Part 6  the wisdom of focusing on the day you are in.

Don't Force Yourself - Part 7  the dangers of forcing yourself to write.

Alternative Hobby - Part 8  how an alternative hobby can inspire you.

Patience - Part 9  the importance of being patience with yourself.

No Stress - Part 10  none of these tips will help for long if you don't learn to eliminate stress.

How to Be a Writer when You Can't Write - 5 tips to help you feel like a writer (and do writerly things) when you are struggling to write.

QUESTION: Which one of these techniques have you tried? How did it work for you?


I'll see you in the blogosphere in 2020!