January 31, 2023

It's Okay Not To Write


Sometimes, we have too much going on and we’re stressed from life. During those times, it’s absolutely okay to not write.

I’ll say it again. Slower.

It. Is. Okay. Not. To. Write.

If you’re stressed beyond belief.

If what’s happening in the world is sucking you dry.

If struggles cropped up in your life out of the blue and have left you shaken or exhausted or beaten.

It. Is. Okay. Not. To. Write.

Remember that. We can’t write every single day, even if writers may say that they do or advise other writers to do that. Occasionally, we will live through periods where writing isn’t possible because there’s just too much going on. In our heads. In our lives. In the world.

Sometimes, other things are more important than writing, like health, safety, equality, and justice. 

If there’s too much going on…it’s okay not to write.

We go through seasons.

Seasons when we’re bursting with creativity.

Seasons when we evolve and grow.

Seasons when we learn.

Seasons when we have to rest.

When COVID-19 first took over the world in 2020, creatives everywhere struggled to create and keep up because of the things they were feeling and the heaviness of the events taking place. But, here’s the thing, you don’t always have to keep up. You don’t always have to post. You don’t always have to write. You don’t always have to do what’s expected.

If you have to stop writing, stop.

If you must write slowly, write as slow as you need to.

Take the break you need.

Do what’s necessary for your soul.

QUESTION: What season are you in as a creative person...as a human being?

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January 24, 2023

Are You Prioritizing Your Responsibilities Correctly?


A common problem that so many people have is prioritizing their responsibilities incorrectly. I used to have this problem. In Sylvia Brown’s book Soul’s Perfection, she suggests creating a list that answers the question “Where does my time go?” Then create a second list, this time ask yourself "Where should my time go?"

The first time I did it, possibly 2016, this was what I came up with:

Where does my time go?

1. Blogging

2. Marketing

3. Procrastinating

4. Writing

5. Reading

Where should my time go?

1. Writing

2. Learning/Reading

3. Relaxing

4. Marketing

5. Blogging

Years later, in 2018, I tried it again.

Where does my time go?

1. Marketing

2. Blogging

3. Reading

4. Editing

5. Writing

Where should my time go?

1. Writing

2. Reading

3. Blogging

4. Editing

5. Marketing

In 2020:

Where does my time go?

1. Writing

2. Editing

3. Learning/Reading

4. Marketing 

5. Artistic Pursuits

Where should my time go?

1. Writing

2. Editing

3. Learning/Reading

4. Marketing

5. Artistic Pursuits

Did you notice that in 2020 I finally had my priorities right?

In 2022, my priorities were different, though. Throughout our lives, things change. Our responsibilities change, which means our priorities and their placements also have to change.

Where does my time go?

1. Caregiving

2. Blogging

3. Learning/Reading

4. Resting

5. Writing

Where should my time go?

1. Caregiving

2. Resting

3. Writing 

4. Blogging

5. Learning/Reading

Did you notice that in 2022 writing was at the bottom of where my time was going? That was because of my caregiving responsibilities impacting my writing, as well as my ability to rest.

Now, it’s your turn.

Where does your time go?

What should it be like instead?

Now, adjust accordingly. What do you need to do to start prioritizing your life correctly? 

Take small steps. Don’t try to create radical change so suddenly.

Your first step today is to notice which item you are prioritizing lower that needs to be higher and creating a plan to change that. Baby steps. Implement one strategy to shift this more important priority higher. It may take some time to get there, but in the end, when you have your responsibilities in the correct order, you will feel much more balanced and happier. That is the goal.

QUESTION: What is the first item on your "Where my time is going?" list and should it be the first thing you prioritize or not?

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January 17, 2023

Forget TO-DO Lists, It's Time for DON'T-DO Lists

If you make daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists, consider tossing out the TO-DO list and replacing it with a DON’T-DO list, because, honestly, we need more reminders not to do certain things, especially when it comes to ourselves. We do things to ourselves and our creativity all the time, easily, without even thinking, and usually those things are damaging. It's time to stop obsessing over creating to-do lists for never-ending tasks and time to honor ourselves and our creativity with DON'T DO lists.

Consider These Items for Your DON’T-DO List:

Don’t beat yourself up for not writing.

Don’t work until you drop. Take breaks. Listen to your body and mind.

Don’t rush. Go your own pace.

Don’t put off important tasks. Do them first.

Don’t try to do everything. You’re only human. Get help. Outsource.

Don’t try to please everyone. Please yourself.

Don't get pressured into doing what everyone else is doing.

Don’t dwell on the past.

Don't punish yourself for not meeting a goal.

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from moving forward.

Don’t accept anything short of what you deserve.

Don’t believe someone else’s lies about you.

Don’t remain silent.

Don't overthink.

Don’t be who you are not.

Create your own DON’T-DO list and focus on one item every day, or one item for a full week. Put your list where you can see it throughout the day: at your desk, beside your mirror, on your fridge, etc.

Take this list seriously, because learning not to do things that harm you mentally, creatively, and even physically is more important than any to-do list of tasks you may have.

Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Don’t sit back. Don’t hide. Don’t fight the moonlight.

Okay…so that last one was inspired by the song “Can’t Fight the Moonlight,” but you get what I mean.

QUESTION: Is there a DON'T-DO I shared above that you need to add to your own list? Is there a DON'T DO I didn't think of that you want to strive not-to-do?


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January 03, 2023

Who Is Avrianna Heavenborn? Find Out On Patreon!


This is Avrianna Heavenborn:

Artwork by Loni Townsend

Avrianna Heavenborn was featured in my short story Ghost of Death.

Review for Ghost of Death:

“Avrianna is an intriguing character, not only because she can see ghosts, but also because at times, her eyes glow green. She was also found at sea, abandoned as a baby. I think readers would want to know more about her.” – Sherry Ellis, VINE VOICE

Well, almost eight years later (OMG has it really been that long?) you can get to know more about Avrianna now! 

I started writing my “Secret Book Baby Series” (not the official title) with Avrianna as the main character when I was twelve. Yes, twelve-years-old. I wrote through to high school before deciding to rewrite the series from Book One, when I hit writer’s block. That first book has seen countless revisions since. Decades later, I’ve completed the four-book series and am working on spin-off stories in the same book universe.

I am actively seeking representation for this series, but in the meantime, I’d love for you to get acquainted with Avrianna Heavenborn and to step into her world.

On Patreon, I will have novellas featuring Avrianna just for you as she fights to save her world from criminal activity. Discover her secrets, one novella at a time.

Here’s a sneak peak at the first two titles:
Universal Killer
Cocky Killer

Become a patron for just $5 a month.

10% of all earnings will be donated to StandUp for Kids, a charity that helps homeless American youth, a cause both Avrianna and I support.

As a patron, you’ll receive:

⭐️ exclusive novellas that follow Avrianna Heavenborn as a detective. Every Tuesday a new chapter will be released. Each novella builds up to the beginning of Book One to my “Secret Book Baby Series.” These stories will be in their rawest state, only edited by me, not seen by anyone else but you. 

⭐️ access to all previous content

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You’ll also be supporting me as an artist, disabled writer, and caregiver. ❤️

As if all of that’s not incentive enough, when I reach 10 patrons I’ll do a patron-only giveaway (hosted on Discord). All patrons on Discord will be automatically entered for a chance to win.

Pledge now and get your Interplanetary Passport to New Vida. 💫

The first chapter of Universal Killer is up.

QUESTION: Do you want to get to know Avrianna Heavenborn? (That’s a rhetorical question. Of course you do! 😘) Patreon is one adventure I'm embarking on this year. What adventures are you planning for 2023?