March 16, 2020

Do I Need a Website / Vlog + Gabe's Guardian by Beverly Stowe McClure

Thank you for coming to a vlog edition of Write with Fey!

In this video, I discuss an important question that many writers ask "Do I need a website?"

This is a video from 2017, but still worth watching. :)


Do I Need a Website?

Length: 7:46

March 04, 2020

Dear Author with No Reviews

Dear Author with No Reviews,

Last year, I saw several authors complain about not being able to get reviews for their books, no matter what they did. They panicked because reviews = sales. The thing is, it is hard to get reviews, and it’s even harder now than it was, say, five years ago.

Reviews are very important to authors. It's true. That's why you may see posts from authors on social media encouraging readers to post reviews. (These types of posts are gentle reminders. They're not trying to be rude or selfish.)

With self-publishing growing every year, with small publishers signing dozens of authors a year, and with many authors publishing several books a year, no wonder it’s hard to get reviews, because all of these authors are looking for reviews, too.