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5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me / Vlog

Health Update: Healing from surgery. It may take me a while to return visits after, if I am able to (healing is 4-6 weeks). But I will pop in to see your comments and to reply back to them. <3

Thank you for coming to another vlog post on Write with Fey!

This time, I am sharing two fun videos. In the first, I am revealing 5 things you probably don't know about me. In the second, I am showing you 5 odd things you could find on my desk.


5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Length: 4:59

5 Odd Things You Can Find on My Desk

Length: 3:14

Total Length for Both Videos: 8:13

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QUESTION: What are 5 odd things on your desk?

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Wednesday, July 3

Bactine for Writer's Burnout Part 10 (No Stress) / IWSG

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Health Update: I will be having surgery on July 11th (next Thursday) on my right ovary to have the cyst and endometriosis removed. They won't know the extent of things until they go in, but there's a possibility they may have to remove more. I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts. Also, I have blog posts scheduled throughout the month, but it may take me a while to return visits after the 11th, if I am able to (healing is 4-6 weeks). But I will pop in to see your comments and to reply back to them. 

What is writer’s burnout?

Burnout is very different from writer’s block. It’s worse. Writer’s burnout is something you feel deep down…bone-deep. It’s just like when athletes burnout from working themselves too hard and too much for too long. They can lose their love of the sport, physically and mentally. You can get writer's burnout from doing anything related to being an author.

To read my story and the tips I previously shared check out:
Bactine for Writer's Burnout Part 9 (Patience) - Tips 22 - 24

More Tips to Help You START Reversing Writer’s Burnout:

None of the tips above will help you, truly help you, unless you eliminate stress from your life.

The number one cause of burnout is doing too much too quickly.

You can prevent burnout by eliminating stress or accepting help now. And you can do the same to heal yourself if you are currently burned out.


In 2017, when I was immersed in depression and burned out, I evaluated my responsibilities and made the decision to step back from a couple of duties that took up too much of my time and effort, heightened my stress levels, and were no longer making me happy. I knew the decision was right the moment I made up my mind because I felt lighter without those stressors weighing me down. And I have never regretted my decisions.

Questions to ask yourself:

-      What causes me the most stress?
-      Do all of my “jobs” still bring me joy?
-      Are there people in my life who make me feel unappreciated?
-      Does one of my responsibilities bring me unwanted drama?
-      Where am I overworked?
-      What takes up most of my time and effort with little or no reward?

Now ask yourself:

-      Where can I ask for help?
-      Where can I take a step back?

BACTINE #25: Juggle Less

If you have too many balls in the air and are struggling to juggle them all, give yourself permission to drop one or two of those balls. When you do, your tempo will be renewed and you will be able to juggle with ease.

BACTINE #26: Divide and Conquer 

If you have too much on your plate, divide a couple of those larger portions in half and offer one half to someone else you trust. Or delegate a couple of small portions to another. Do you have a partner? Can you hire a virtual assistant? What about a supportive friend or family member?

If something doesn’t make you happy anymore, imagine your happiness once you shed that responsibility. If you dread something, it’s not meant to be.

Really evaluate your answers to the questions above, meditate on them if you need to, trust yourself, and do what you need to do for you, your health, and your writing.

I think this is my last Bactine post for Writer’s Burnout.

QUESTIONS: How stressed out are you on a scale of 1 to 10? Have any of my posts helped you? I hope so. :)


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