August 23, 2022

My Favorite Nature Documentaries / Good Causes PART 6



1. Serengeti 

Narrated by Lupita Nyong'o

Discovery Channel 


2. Snow Chick: A Penguin's Tale

Narrated by Kate Winslet

BBC Earth


Summar from IMDb: A chronicle of the birth and development of one penguin chick, born late and smaller than any of its fellow toddlers.

3. African Hunders

Narrated by Gillian Burke



My favorite stories had to do with Misfit, the lion cub.

4. My Octopus Teacher



You'll never think about Octopuses in the same way ever again. 

I bought this magnet from the hospital gift shop while my mom was a patient because it reminded me of My Octopus Teacher.

Octopus Magnet
Photo by Chrys Fey

5. Our Great National Parks

Narrated by Barrack Obama



August 12, 2022

World Elephant Day / Good Causes PART 5

Today is the 11th anniversary of World Elephant Day.

Are you an elephant lover?

Here are ways to support Elephants around the world.


1. First, pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife, and their habitats. You can make your pledge here at

2. Sign this petition to protect elephants from the selfish and dangerous ivory trade. These Countries Want to Reopen the Ivory Trade and Put Elephants at Risk.

3. Watch The Ivory Game on Netflix.

4. Symbolically Adopt an African elephant (adult or calf) for $60 through (WWF). When you symbolically adopt an African elephant, you get a free gift.

5. Sponsor a Tusker. In partnership with Tsavo Trust, International Elephant Foundation lets you sponsor an elephant. You can donate once or monthly, as low as $10, $20, $40, $100, or a custom amount.

From their website: "The Sponsor-An-Elephant program has been championing the Iconic Female Tuskers and we are proud to add the boys, both Big Tuskers and Emerging Tuskers (those younger males whose tusks aren’t quite large enough to be Big Tuskers, yet), into the program! Together they represent a vision of what African elephants were before widespread poaching and what could be possible again if we are victorious against poaching."

This is Dida. I was called to sponsor her.
She has a beautiful and powerful energy.

6. Track an elephant with an Elephant Tracking Bracelet from Fahlo. You receive an elephant's name and picture, facts about the elephant such as their story, and access to track the elephant on their expedition. This makes a great gift for an elephant lover. (They have tracking bracelets for sea turtles, sharks, polar bears, and penguins, too.)

From their website: "A portion of all proceeds are donated to Save the Elephants in Kenya, who specializes in elephants research and works to protect wild elephants. Your purchase will help fight ivory poaching, and secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world."


7. WWF - "Protecting elephants from poachers is an urgent task—one of the dozens of conservation crises facing us today."

8. African Wildlife Foundation - "Don’t let Africa’s wildlife become history. Join the fight to save these majestic creatures before it’s too late."

9. International Elephant Foundation - "Thanks to our many generous friends and supporters, we’re moving forward with a vision that promotes elephant conservation, scientific investigation and education."

10. Save The Elephants - "Elephants are among the most intelligent creatures on the planet and have complex emotions. Their lives are being lost to the ivory trade, accelerating habitat and range destruction. You can help put a stop to this and ensure Africa’s elephants are protected for generations to come."


Are you a teacher? Do you work with teachers? Do you have kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/godkids? Kids and classrooms can help elephants, too!

QUESTIONS: Do you or someone you know love elephants? (Pass this post on to any elephant/animal lovers you know.) Did you do any of the action steps above? Are you sponsoring a Tusker?

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August 02, 2022

Money Mindset Book Recommendations + WEALTH DATES

Money is everywhere. 💰

The device you’re using to read this blog post? Money. 

The electricity in your home, powering your computer and other appliances? Money. 

The chair/couch you’re sitting on? Money.

The food you eat? Money.

The air conditioning or heat in your home, the gas, the water? Money, money, money.

The vehicle you use to get to where you want to go, the gas in the tank, or any other mode of transportation you use (buses, trains, ride sharing, bicycle)? Money, money, money.

I could go on and on.

Money IS everywhere, and yet, most of us don’t have a good relationship with it, going as far back as our childhoods (how our parents reacted to money). Our relationship/trauma with money can even be generational. Most of us hate money because of how it makes us feel, which stems from our money story.

We feel guilty for having money.

We feel shame for wanting money.

We feel insecure when we don’t have money.

We feel scared when we use money.

Again, I could go on and on.

It’s time to change ALL of this.

"It is up to us to apply our morals and values to money , decide how we desire money to work for us, and use money for good and well." - Amanda Frances from Rich as F*uck

January of this year I was called to devote the year to abundance and transformation. Part of that involved learning about money mindset and fixing my mindset around money.

In February of 2022, America had its Pluto Return (when Pluto returns to the exact degree and sign it was in at the moment the United States was born...during the signing of the Declaration of Independence).

When this happens to a country, big shit happens (not immediately but over time and in fact, had already started well before the return as Pluto moved into this position).

For America, Pluto’s Return is in Capricorn, a sign that signifies money, so fixing one’s money mindset is extremely important to do, like, NOW. Read more.

To fix my money mindset, I read books such as the ones I recommend in this post; watched IGTVs by Gina Frances and Amy Rushworth; and listened to The Amy Rushworth Show, a podcast on Spotify. Amy is amazing. She’s an unapologetic life coach and 7 figure CEO. For those who resonate with her, they can learn a lot, as I did and continue to do.

NOTE: Both Gina and Amy cater primarily to womb holders and people who identify as women with their content. Amy also teaches other life coaches, but the information she shares can still be applied by other entrepreneurs and business women.

My Favorite IGTVs from Amy Rushworth:

Manifesting Techniques That ACTUALLY Work Part 1

Manifesting Techniques That ACTUALLY Work Part 2 

(The first two are the very first two that I ever watched which changed everything for me.)

Plateau to OVERFLOW in Biz, Brand, Money, & Leadership

Ancestral Blueprints Around Money & Manifesting

(The Ancestral Blueprints one is so good. If you watch just one of the IGTVs, make it that one.)

And my favorite The Amy Rushworth Show Podcast Episodes:

Confidence Through Big Life Changes

I first heard about devoting a day to money and abundance through Gina Frances, an embodiment facilitator/menstrual business coach. 

You can check out this IGTV from Gina, which kicked off her Money Monday feature that she did for a short time on Instagram. In this IGTV she talks about what she did for her Money Mondays. Now, she does her money practices on Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with abundance, career, luck, money, and wealth.

What is a Wealth Date?

A day devoted to money and abundance and YOU!

(Which you don’t have to call a "Wealth Date," or “Money Monday,” or even “Money Day,” but getting comfortable with a phrase like this could be a part of your healing process around money and making money FUN.)

On Thursdays, I spend time being grateful, manifesting, and connecting to money.

You can choose the day that feels right for you, whether that's Monday, Thursday, or Saturday.

How Wealth Dates can look for me: