May 20, 2019

Interview with Space Coast Book Lovers Event Planner, Teri Dees Edney

Teri Dees Edney is the marketing manager for author Robbie Cox, and she is also the much-loved and deeply-respected event planner for Space Coast Book Lovers, a unique and special experience for readers and authors that takes place on the Space Coast of FL every year in June. I have been an attending author (along with M.J. Fifield) since it's debut year (2017).

Welcome, Teri!

May 01, 2019

Writer's Burnout Part 8 (Alternative Hobby)

What is writer’s burnout?

Burnout is very different from writer’s block. It’s worse. Writer’s burnout is something you feel deep down…bone-deep. It’s just like when athletes burnout from working themselves too hard and too much for too long. They can lose their love of the sport, physically and mentally. You can get writer's burnout from doing anything related to being an author.

More Tips to Help You START Reversing Writer’s Burnout:

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is not write, to not even try to write. Yes, I said it. As I mentioned before, trying to write can make things worse, especially if you apply force. And there are times when we really do need to put our time, creativity, and soul into something unrelated to writing.

TIP#20: Find an alternative hobby.