May 20, 2019

Interview with Space Coast Book Lovers Event Planner, Teri Dees Edney

Teri Dees Edney is the marketing manager for author Robbie Cox, and she is also the much-loved and deeply-respected event planner for Space Coast Book Lovers, a unique and special experience for readers and authors that takes place on the Space Coast of FL every year in June. I have been an attending author (along with M.J. Fifield) since it's debut year (2017).

Welcome, Teri!

1. In your own words, what is Space Coast Book Lovers?

Space Coast Book Lovers is the must-attend event of the year for readers who want to meet with authors of all genres, connect with other like-minded readers, and have access to tons of books. It is a very fun book lover centric weekend!

2. The first Space Coast Book Lovers event took place in Cocoa Beach, June 2017. It was my first book event ever, and it was great. What made you want to (maybe ‘possessed you’ is a better way to phrase that? lol) create a book event like this?

In 2013, we went head first into the book world with Robbie Cox’s first release, Reaping the Harvest. Through that I started planning his marketing and book tours. After attending several events the same size or bigger than SCBL, I would leave thinking this is something needed on the Space Coast. After several family discussions on the commitment it would take and if we were up for it, we started planning #SCBL2017. It took us two years to plan the first event.

3. Did you fashion SCBL after any other book events/cons? Which ones inspired you (for the good or as what not to do)?

I think we took the basic con foundation that was in place for most of the multi-day events – meet & greet, book signing, after party; however, I would like to think that SCBL is unique in that we focus on both the author and the readers to ensure that both are getting the ultimate experience. Our goal is to always create a memorable connection between the featured authors and the attendees and everyone have fun while doing it.

4. Tell us about SCBL 2019. What do you have in the works for readers to enjoy?

#SCBL2019 we are launching our very first BOOKnique Adventures. Because not every reader is the same, we have created 15 unique reader experiences that are hosted by featured authors. Each premium ticket holder is able to pick three experiences to attend on Friday. They range from a tea party, painting with mimosa, making jewelry, learning to line dance, and many more exciting choices. This is one additional opportunity for the readers to connect with the authors and have fun doing it.

5. At SCBL 2019, there will be workshops for authors, too. Can you share the schedule with us?

Of course, we have several workshops that will be going on during the Friday morning session of the event. The schedule focuses on the latest trends and ideas that are out there. These sessions are for both entry level and experienced level authors. If you would like to see the breakdown of the schedule, you can visit our website to get the details.

6. Let’s talk tickets! How can readers get a ticket, what kind of tickets are available, and do readers need to have a “free ticket” to get in the day of the signing?

We have three reader tickets:

Book Work Reader Ticket is a FREE ticket that allows the reader to attend the book signing on Saturday, June 29th from 11:00am – 2:00pm. By letting us know they are coming they will receive a #SCBL2019 Tote bag with some exciting swag from our attending authors. It is not required that you have a ticket but recommended to ensure access to the event, should we reach capacity.

Book Lover Reader Ticket is a $30 ticket that entitles the reader to the Early VIP entrance on Saturday, June 29th. This allows them to visit with the authors prior to the general admission entrance into the event. They are also invited to attend the after party on Saturday night. This ticket also receives a special #SCBL2019 event tote put together especially for the VIP attendees.

Book Fanatic Reader Ticket is a premium ticket that cost $85. The gives access to everything the Book Lover ticket offers on Saturday; however, in addition, they are given access to the Meet & Greet on Thursday and all the events on Friday, including the BOOKnique sessions.

You can get tickets by visiting

80 authors attending this year, which includes me, my mom (Elaine Kaye), and M.J. Fifield!

What would you tell authors who are interested in possibly attending next year’s event to convince them to become a featured author for SCBL 2020?

I would encourage them to attend #SCBL2019 as an attendee to get the feel of the event and fill out the interest form for #SCBL2020. Attending gives you a great opportunity for networking, socializing, and breaking the ice in meeting readers.

2020 Author Interest/Wait List:

8. What are your hopes for SCBL in the future?

We’ve already started planning #SCBL2020 and are excited about what is to come. I would share, but it would spoil the surprise for the August announcements. Join our attendee group to make sure that you do not miss out.

Teri our fearless event planner.

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Thank you, Teri, for all you do and for answering these questions. See you at #SCBL2019!

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  1. Thank you for sharing


  2. I wish it was closer - I'd love to be a participant.

    1. Maybe one year in the future you can plan for it. It's worth it. You have many middle grade books that will do amazing, because most of the authors write adult books, so anything for kids does very well.

    2. Agrees with Chrys.... our children authors tend to do well in the mix with all the other adult fiction books. Hope to see you in the future at an event!

  3. The reader experiences sound really unique. No wonder the event has been a success.

    1. The reader experiences are awesome, for sure.

    2. Alex - our readers LOVE the author speed mingle! We are hoping they have the same love for the BOOKnique Adventures this year. They get both... how cool is that?

  4. I'm like Diane. Wish I could go to this.

    1. I understand. This book event is about the only one I can attend because it's not so far away. Others, even in Orlando, are too far for me to travel.

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    1. It is a lot of fun. For readers and for authors. :D

  6. Sounds great. If I was closer, I'd enjoy that.

  7. Thank you, Chrys! As always, great job <3 See you in 38 days!!!

  8. Can't wait to get there and see everyone.

  9. If I could only dance... interesting ways to engage authors.

  10. I’m so very excited, this is my first year attending. ❤️

  11. Hi Chrys - thanks for introducing us to Teri - she sounds one ball of energy! Great ideas the family had ... and how wonderful you're nearby, can attend with your Mom and MJ, gaining the whole experience/s. Sounds amazing and I too would love to come along - though am rather a long way away - congratulations and enjoy ... cheers Hilary

  12. That sounds like a whole lot of fun!!! I've never been further south than Cincinatti so I'd love to see that part of the world as well! :)

  13. I always love to see writers supporting each other! Have fun everyone!