May 18, 2020

Why Did I Write a Prequel to 30 Seconds? / Vlog

Thank you for coming to a vlog edition of Write with Fey!

In the first video, I reveal why I wrote a prequel for 30 Seconds.

In the second video, I give a reading of 30 Seconds Before.


Why Did I Write a Prequel to 30 Seconds?

Length: 5:09

May 06, 2020

NOT INADEQUATE / A Post about Self-Defense and Abuse

Can you help share the details about my mom's debut middle grade book Bad Fairy on your blog or Facebook? The post won't include an article but rather be a book blast consisting of the cover, blurb, links, excerpt, my mom's bio, and a giveaway. Dates June 3 - June 30.

***This is long. Feel free to skip the excerpts.***

Someone once said that Beth Kennedy (in Hurricane Crimes) wasn’t a very adequate self-defense instructor and all because Donovan had bested her a couple of times.

(Don’t worry…this is not me attacking a reviewer but discussing my characters and real abuse/sexual assault.)

Let me make it clear that Donovan was never trying to hurt Beth. In fact, she was the one attempting to hurt him. When I wrote Donovan, I wanted him to be a good match for Beth in every way. And, for the sake of the story, I couldn’t let Beth get away. It was intentional, not a failing on her part.