August 26, 2019

Ghost of Death Reading / Vlog

Hi! Welcome to a ghostly edition of my vlog here on Write with Fey.

Ghost of Death Reading

Length: 6:11

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August 19, 2019

Spice Up Your Amazon Book Pages and Author Profile / Vlog

Thanks for you interest in my vlog post about Amazon book pages and author profiles!

This was a PowerPoint presentation that I did for a local writer's meeting. And I did a workshop for The Wild Rose Press with a text-form of this presentation.

I hope you find the information in it useful.


August 07, 2019

How to Be a Writer When You Can't Write

HEALTH UPDATE: My surgery went well, and tomorrow is my 4-week after mark, but I am still restricted with what I can do for another 2 weeks. First, no signs of malignancy! But when I saw my doctor for the follow-up, the first thing he said was, “Wow. You were the real deal!” He added that what he had to do was very extensive and that he wished he had brought me in for surgery sooner. There was a LOT of endometriosis. Everywhere. There was so much that my organs were a bit misplaced, so when they got done, my organs shifted back into place. He said my uterus “sprang” back. They removed the "chocolate" cyst from my right ovary, and they also had to do something with my colon and remove something from the outside of my intestine. So, yeah... lol 


There are times when you may struggle to write, not because you lost the ability to physically write, but rather that you’re suffering from writer’s block (the condition in which an author loses the ability to create new work or slows down creatively) or writer’s burnout, which is more extreme than being blocked and involves a disconnect between you and writing; the love is (hopefully temporarily) gone, replaced with physical and mental exhaustion…sometimes even emotional exhaustion.