July 19, 2022

Affirmations For Writers / Books for Writers


I follow Kelly DePuy on Instagram, and when I found out that she published a book of affirmations for writers, to guide and nurture them, hence the subtitle, I was intrigued. I got a copy for myself and knew I'd talk about it here for my Books For Writers feature.

While I was reading her book, I was thinking about all the writers I know and how the affirmations I was reading would be perfect for them and could help them.

Like this one:

Screenshot from Kelly DePuy’s book.

In her book, Kelly DePuy talks in-depth about negative self-talk and limiting beliefs (more than I do in this post). She also gives great information on how to make your own affirmations based on your needs. 

Even if you don't want to write your own affirmations you will surely find amazing positive statements that Kelly shares. Say them aloud, whisper them, write them down, and come back to them again and again, especially when you need a boost or notice you're doing down a dark hole of negative thinking.

Affirmations for Writers

by Kelly Depuy




What if someone said to you, “You are worthy of every dream in your tender heart.”

Feel’s good, doesn’t it? But what if that someone was you? What if YOU were your biggest supporter?

Imagine a writing life where you foster and nourish your creative self with powerful, positive, and heart-centered affirmations. Imagine showing up at the page ready to write, full of passion and hope, and leaving doubt behind.

You’d be more prolific and less burnt out, and you’d learn to face challenges with tenacity and grit. Your life would completely transform.

In Affirmations for Writers, you’ll discover:

- Over 100 affirmations tailored for writers and creatives

- What affirmations are and why they’re powerful

- How to use affirmations to conquer self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome

- How to create unique and powerful affirmations to reach your goals

After reading this book, you’ll have everything you need to start your affirmation practice, and your mindset around writing will stop getting in the way of your creative success.


Affirmations have been a big part of my abundance work and mindset shifts this year.

Some people, when they hear the word "affirmations," are skeptical. They may roll their eyes and dismiss them as silly or trendy, and may think/say, "they're not for me."

Let me start by saying this: Affirmations are for EVERYONE!

You can use affirmations to attract abundance, meet a goal, or bring a dream to reality.

You can also use affirmations to correct your mindset and what you believe about yourself.

So how do affirmations work?

Our minds are programmed with limiting beliefs from our childhood and society, as well as negative self-talk from our inner critics, based on our past experiences.

Dozens, even hundreds, of times a day our minds can be engaged with negative self-talk about ourselves that we don't even notice. By using affirmations, we can become aware of that negative self-talk and correct them.

We can go from "Writing is hard" to "Writing comes to me easily and effortlessly."

Or "I suck at writing" to "There's no writer like me."

If someone told you as a child that you're stupid or ugly or [fill-in-the-blank], you could carry that scar your whole life, believing that false narrative and even perpetuating it with negative self-talk like, "I'm so ugly. I'm so fat. I hate my body."

The things we tell ourselves (be it positive or negative, high vibe or low vibe) we put out into the Universe. We make them real. We give them power. We attract it. We bring more of it into our lives.

Affirmations help us to rewrite those false narratives.

But what if it doesn't work?

July 05, 2022

Knowing Your Human Design Can Change Your Life, How You Work, and How You Sell

What is Human Design?

It’s similar to your birth chart (which shows where planets were at the time of your birth and how that impacts who you are), but on a different scale. It reveals how different we all are.

Human Design Types:






You can find out what your Human Design is by going to https://www.myhumandesign.com/get-your-chart/ and filling in your time, date, and place of birth. That’s it!

So what’s my Human Design?

I’m a Projector.

An Emotional Projector to be exact, which means I need to tune in to my emotions more often and use my emotions to help me make decisions.

To find out what you are specifically, look at the Authority category when you have your Human Design summary.

Mine says: Emotional Solar Plexus, meaning my solar plexus is my authority.

NOTE: This post isn’t meant to teach you everything about Human Design. You can learn more about your Authority by reading your summary and doing extra research by Googling “Solar Plexus Authority.” Of course, substitute the words “solar plexus” for whatever your Authority is.

The first word there for the Authority will indicate what you are. For instance, it may say “mental.”

I’m a Projector. My Authority is Emotional Solar Plexus. Thus, I’m an Emotional Projector.

In a nutshell, Projectors are the visionaries and can see things that others can’t clearly see. They are natural guides, leaders, and teachers.

Now that you know what your Human Design is, I’ll continue. (If you don’t know yet, go find out and then return to this post.)

This whacky chart is like one you’ll receive when you 
find out what your Human Design is. Don’t worry
you don’t have to understand it. This one is mine.

Life Lessons for Projectors

I’m Rejecting Your Projection:

If you’re a Projector, something that will most likely happen is that people will project things on to you.

Projecting is a psychological term. This is when someone projects their own unconscious faults and flaws—anything they may have hidden from themselves or can’t admit to having or haven’t faced and accepted about themselves yet—on to you.

Humans project all the time. That’s our nature. But for Projectors it happens a lot more because we act like mirrors, letting people see things about themselves that they may or may not like. Instead of them understanding what they’re seeing is a reflection of themselves and their own faults, they falsely project it on to us.

This could happen when someone claims you’re judgmental when all they do is judge others. Or they say you’re manipulative when they manipulate others all the time, including you. And so on.

One thing Projectors have to learn and accept is that other people’s projections of us have nothing to do with us but everything to do with them.

Say it with me fellow Projectors: Other people’s projectors of me have nothing to do with me but everything to do with them. It’s not a me problem. It’s a them problem.

Other people’s perceptions of Projectors, regardless of how they created that perception (from what other people told them about you or snippets they see on social media or through limited contact), are not who you really are. That goes for everyone, but especially Projectors.