July 19, 2022

Affirmations For Writers / Books for Writers


I follow Kelly DePuy on Instagram, and when I found out that she published a book of affirmations for writers, to guide and nurture them, hence the subtitle, I was intrigued. I got a copy for myself and knew I'd talk about it here for my Books For Writers feature.

While I was reading her book, I was thinking about all the writers I know and how the affirmations I was reading would be perfect for them and could help them.

Like this one:

Screenshot from Kelly DePuy’s book.

In her book, Kelly DePuy talks in-depth about negative self-talk and limiting beliefs (more than I do in this post). She also gives great information on how to make your own affirmations based on your needs. 

Even if you don't want to write your own affirmations you will surely find amazing positive statements that Kelly shares. Say them aloud, whisper them, write them down, and come back to them again and again, especially when you need a boost or notice you're doing down a dark hole of negative thinking.

Affirmations for Writers

by Kelly Depuy




What if someone said to you, “You are worthy of every dream in your tender heart.”

Feel’s good, doesn’t it? But what if that someone was you? What if YOU were your biggest supporter?

Imagine a writing life where you foster and nourish your creative self with powerful, positive, and heart-centered affirmations. Imagine showing up at the page ready to write, full of passion and hope, and leaving doubt behind.

You’d be more prolific and less burnt out, and you’d learn to face challenges with tenacity and grit. Your life would completely transform.

In Affirmations for Writers, you’ll discover:

- Over 100 affirmations tailored for writers and creatives

- What affirmations are and why they’re powerful

- How to use affirmations to conquer self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome

- How to create unique and powerful affirmations to reach your goals

After reading this book, you’ll have everything you need to start your affirmation practice, and your mindset around writing will stop getting in the way of your creative success.


Affirmations have been a big part of my abundance work and mindset shifts this year.

Some people, when they hear the word "affirmations," are skeptical. They may roll their eyes and dismiss them as silly or trendy, and may think/say, "they're not for me."

Let me start by saying this: Affirmations are for EVERYONE!

You can use affirmations to attract abundance, meet a goal, or bring a dream to reality.

You can also use affirmations to correct your mindset and what you believe about yourself.

So how do affirmations work?

Our minds are programmed with limiting beliefs from our childhood and society, as well as negative self-talk from our inner critics, based on our past experiences.

Dozens, even hundreds, of times a day our minds can be engaged with negative self-talk about ourselves that we don't even notice. By using affirmations, we can become aware of that negative self-talk and correct them.

We can go from "Writing is hard" to "Writing comes to me easily and effortlessly."

Or "I suck at writing" to "There's no writer like me."

If someone told you as a child that you're stupid or ugly or [fill-in-the-blank], you could carry that scar your whole life, believing that false narrative and even perpetuating it with negative self-talk like, "I'm so ugly. I'm so fat. I hate my body."

The things we tell ourselves (be it positive or negative, high vibe or low vibe) we put out into the Universe. We make them real. We give them power. We attract it. We bring more of it into our lives.

Affirmations help us to rewrite those false narratives.

But what if it doesn't work?

Changing our mindsets is not easy. Your mindset isn't going to change after saying an affirmation once. Or even saying it once a day for a month, which you don't have to do. Nor will your dream come true immediately (if you're using affirmations for that purpose). 

Some people choose to use affirmations daily, but you don't have to do that to benefit from them. I will say, though, that working them into your life in some way will be more useful to you.

When affirmations don't work right away, people give up or wonder what they did wrong.

Usually, it comes down to the energy you're putting behind it.

You can't merely repeat a statement with no feeling.

Feel it. Believe it. Even if you have to train yourself to believe it at first with repetition and the tips I share below. Eventually, your beliefs will become stronger than your self-doubt.

And sometimes one affirmation may not work but another might. You're always free to try out different affirmations to see which one feels right to you.


Kelly Depuy offers countless affirmations to improve your mindset as a writer, but she doesn't cover affirmations for manifestation/abundance/dreams/goals, so I'm going to use this opportunity to share what I've learned since manifestation and abundance have been two things I've been devoting my year to.

Now, before you ask me for proof that any of this works, let me say two things to you:

1) There's no harm in using positive affirmations, so why not give it a try?

2) My affirmations and visualizations for my dreams make me feel good, and that's the goal. I've dealt with depression plenty of times to know I'd rather feel good with positive affirmations than to feel defeated and believe my dreams/goals will never come true.

With that said...

Affirmation For Abundance Tips:

1. Know Your Why

Why do you want what you want?

Dig deep to uncover the truth. Sure, you may want to publish a book or series because that's been your dream since you were a kid, but there's more to it than that. Perhaps you want to share your characters and world with thousands of people around the world, or maybe there's just one reader you want to publish your book for.

All whys are valid.

Perhaps you want to publish because you desire money so you can be comfortable, provide for your loved ones, and write full-time. 

Whatever your whys are, own them. Don't worry if people would think your whys are selfish. Your whys are for you alone. Know your why, know your truth, and remember them on your affirmation journey.

2. Word Affirmations in the Present Tense

"I am" and "I have," instead of "I will" or "I want." Whatever your goal/dream is, talk about it as if it already exists, as if you already have what you desire.

EX: I have an amazing agent.

EX: My book is a best-seller.

3. Visualization

When you say/repeat affirmations, take a moment to visualize your goal/dream as if you're living that reality right now. What would you be wearing? How would you talk and move and act? Where would you be living? Where would you be working? What would you have? Whom would you surround yourself with?

EX: Visualize yourself writing in your dream office with a smile on your face as the words come easily to you. You can end the practice with seeing yourself typing/writing "THE END."

4. Feel It

When you're visualizing your goal/dream, it's important to not only see it but to FEEL IT. How would it feel to meet that goal, to realize that dream (to have that job, to live in that house, to meet your divine relationship partner, to sign with an agent, to land a book deal, to publish your book)? Visualize it and feel that pride, joy, success, security, and love inside yourself.

5. Move

Give your affirmations a boost of power with movement. Turn on fun, happy, energetic, inspiring music and let your body move in whatever way it wants to while you think your affirmation or visualize your goal/dream. Send that energy out into the Universe to attract what you desire to you with movement.

Try out my Spotify playlist: Money & Abundance

Or use these to get you moving:

Morning Dance Vibes

Fun Songs To Get Up And Dance To

You can also check out my Spotify profile and add any of my public playlists to your library by clicking the ❤️.

6. Write It

Take out your journal and write your affirmations. You can write them over and over again, write several, or fill up a page with one affirmation in all caps; whatever you want.

You can also rift in your journal about what it would look like and feel like if you were living your dream right now. Include as many senses as you can among the details.

7. Take Inspired Action

Affirmations for goals/dreams don't work by themselves. Instead, you have to meet the Universe halfway by taking inspired action toward your goal/dream.

EX: If you desire to get an agent, finish your book, perfect your manuscript with the help of critique partners, write a query letter and synopsis, search for agents you connect with, and submit to them. Keep working with your affirmations while you wait, and especially while you get replies. 

8. Visual Reminders

Write out or print your favorite affirmations and put them where you will see them.

I have a large index card above my computer's monitor and beside my bathroom mirror with my favorite affirmations for abundance. I also have an affirmation I found in The Big Leap that I revised for my needs and tacked to the wall across from where I like to stretch out to read and above my nightstand.

The trick is to pause every time you see it and say your affirmation, even in your head counts. Feel its power as it reminds you that you're worthy.

You can tailor any affirmation you hear to suit your goals, dreams, career, and life.

QUESTIONS: Have you ever used affirmations? Do you have a favorite affirmation? Share it in the comments!

Here’s a few of my favorite affirmations that I use a lot:

- I choose to allow the outcome to be exceedingly and abundantly better than what I’ve decided to have.

- Everything is working out in my favor.

- I am worthy to receive.

NOTE: I didn’t come up with these affirmations but heard them from others who teach about manifestation. Thus, I don’t know who the original creatives sources are behind them. 


  1. Kelly's book sounds perfect for writers. Glad affirmations have helped you so much. They can be very powerful in changing how we think.

    1. Affirmations can be super powerful. Sometimes we need that boost for your mental health.

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed the post and am checking out the book. I've been making an effort to incorporate more of this into my life.

    1. You're welcome, Maureen! Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  3. Knowing (and owning) why is such a key step in the process. Glad that your affirmations have helped you!!

    (And thanks for sharing your playlists!)

    1. Knowing and owning why has been a game changer for me this year.

      I love playlists so much. lol

  4. Hi Chrys - you are thorough in your research ... I'm glad I'm of positive mind, sometimes life is tough, and I realise things will improve - I can only keep going without making things worse ... and so often things change and I get back on track.

    Love the playlists too ... cheers and all the best - Hilary

    1. That's wonderful, Hilary! Keep that amazing attitude. :)

  5. I have listened to your playlists before. We all need ways to fight back against the negative feedback tapes our brain plays for us and this book appears to outline many such techniques.

    1. Thank you for listening to some of my playlists! I appreciate the ear. LOL