Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018 (and 2017) Link Round Up / IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a safe place for insecure writers of all kinds.
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UPDATE: In my December IWSG post, you might've seen a note I added about going to the ER. I went after experiencing severe pain in my abdomen that lasted a full 24-hours and didn't respond to pain meds. I found out that I have a 7cm mass (about three inches) on my right ovary. I've seen a specialist at a cancer institute. No one can say exactly what it is, but because of my age, the specialist doesn't believe it's cancer. (Side note: my paternal grandma died of ovarian cancer.) I have an appointment at the end of the month, but I'm going to call today to see if I can get in sooner due to uncomfortable, new symptoms. I'll update you all next month. Thanks for your well wishes!

UPDATE: After talking to the nurse, she bumped up my ultrasound to this Friday with a follow up on Tuesday to discuss the results and next steps.


I didn't do a "Best of Write with Fey 2018" post (which I usually do in December) because I didn’t post as much last year. I didn't even do one in 2017! But then I thought that someone might’ve missed a post that he/she could use right about now, so here’s my linky round up.

Bactine for Writers:

Submissions – treat yourself for every submission you send out.

Rejections – reward yourself for your rejections, too; their badges of honor.

Criticism – have you ever heard of a dammit doll?

Book Readings – how to prepare for a book reading.

Writer's Depression:

Part 1 – how blogging helped me.

Part 2 – how reading helped me.

Bactine for Writer's Burnout:

Speak - Part 1 – how speaking about my writer’s burnout was my first step to recovery.

Write YOU - Part 2 – writing about yourself can be the easiest form of writing.

Writer’s Meetings - Part 3 – how attending a writer’s meeting could be just the thing you need to feel connected.

Morning Pages – could writing  pages every morning in a journal help you?

Organizational Tips:

Release Day - how to plan and stay organized for release day.

Writing Goals – how to organize and break down your goals.

Expense and Earning Logs – how to organize your expenses, earnings, and tax deductions.

Word Count Calendar – how to keep track of your word counts using a calendar and stickers.

Promo Goals – how to plan out your promo goals for the year.

Bullet Journals – how to use a bullet journal to keep track of the things you do each day.

Business Cards – one method to organize the business cards you collect.

Writing Backpack – how to prepare for a disaster.

Agent Lists – how to keep your submissions to agents/publishers orderly.


Creativity Boost from Your Power Element – get in sync with your power element.

My Guest Posts:

Writer’s Helping Writers – Boost Your Creativity Mindset Naturally

Live Write Thrive – 10 Ways to Spark Your Story Ideas

Insecure Writer’s Support Group – 10 Great Places to Promote Your Book

Sharing with Writers – Using Litsy as an Author

Spunk on a Stick’s Tips – Pros and Cons to Having a Pen Name

From 2017:

Diverse Characters:

Books for Writers:


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