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An Anthology to Celebrate the Raid #Area51 - Detective Heavenborn

Don't bother with the raid. Stay home and learn all about it in the comfort of your own home.

BLURB: What’s in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens? Elvis? Maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know?

We do.

Join this multi-genre group as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51, which up until now have only been whispered conspiracies. Don’t bother with the raid. Stay home, read these awesome stories and learn all you need to know.

The truth is just a page-flip away.

*All proceeds will go to US Veterans.


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Read my short story, DETECTIVE HEAVENBORN, in We Know the Truth, Do You? An Anthology to Celebrate the Raid.

Who is Detective Heavenborn, and what's inside the package she has to retrieve from Area 51?

Excerpt from my story DETECTIVE HEAVENBORN:

“I don’t know how else to say this but to come right out with it. I need the two of you to go to Area 51.”

Avrianna blinked. Surely, she had misheard Chief Logan. Perhaps he had said, “Aurora Air One,” the airport. After all, Area 51 wasn’t even on their world!

“Sir.” Chuck shifted on his feet. “Do you mean the Area 51 on Earth? The military site believed to be a top-secret base for alien and UFO investigations?”

Chief Logan gave a brisk nod. “One and the same. We’ve been tasked with the mission to retrieve an item that New Terrene gave to US custody years ago for data discovery. And we’re to bring it safely back here for our scientists to do further examinations.”

Avrianna couldn’t believe what Chief Logan was asking her to do. “Sir…respectfully…you want me, a woman who was found floating in the middle of the ocean as a newborn, to go to Area 51?”

Chief Logan stared at her, apparently not understanding her concern.

“You want me, a woman who people believe to be an alien, to go to Area 51? A woman who has been experimented on by scientists here on New Terrene, and who has unexplained powers?” She glanced between him and Chuck. “Is this a joke?”

Or worse yet…a trap?

QUESTIONS: Do you believe in aliens? What do you think is in Area 51?

Wednesday, September 4

Age of Insecurity / IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a safe place for insecure writers of all kinds.


Hurricane Crimes won silver in the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Award Contest in the Fiction - Short Story/Novella genre! ‬

Write with Fey: 10 Sparks to Guide You from Idea to Publication won bronze in the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Award Contest in the Non-Fiction Writing/Publishing genre! ‬


It has been a while since I’ve talked about an insecurity…other than sharing my story about my depression and burnout.

So, here is an insecurity that I’ve dealt with on and off since I started blogging and publishing…one I don’t like to talk about…my age.

When I started blogging, I knew I wouldn’t share my age, because I didn’t want anyone to use my age against me, discount my advice as coming from someone “too young,” who couldn’t possibly know anything about writing, etc.

I was fortunate that the blogosphere didn’t seem to mind that I looked like a toddler in my profile photo, that my posts mattered more. Thank you!

But I’ve been more active lately in going out into the world as Chrys Fey the author, and my age insecurity has only heightened.

How Old Are You?

Last year I was invited to give a speech during a luncheon. After my speech and selling a few copies of my books, a lady and her friend came up to me and asked me my age, a question I regret. I played along asking her how old she thinks I am. She said, “Seventeen.”

Me: *blink blink*

In my speech, I had said I had been writing since twelve and at seventeen I’d encountered my first writer’s block, which had been many, many years ago. Obviously, I was no longer seventeen.

I ended up revealing my age to her and her friend, although I hadn’t wanted to, and I shouldn’t have felt that I needed to, but she had kept on pressing.

Would you like a side of age with your lunch?

This year, I attended a lunch with my  TWRP publisher and a handful of local authors. I was the last author to arrive (but I was there before my publisher), and I noticed right away that I was the youngest one in attendance, and they all noticed it, too. (Although there was a woman there closer to my age, but the thing was…she didn’t look sixteen, as I do in person.) I saw the surprise in their eyes that I was the author, that I didn’t come with the author. After I introduced myself, they all shifted away. None of them talked to me. I sat there regretting my decision to come. When my publisher got there, she also had a slight reaction when I said, “I’m Chrys.” She cocked her head to the side and paused with a frozen smile, like “Really?” It wasn’t until I started to offer a misguided, new author advice when the others there started to realize that, although I may look like a teeny-bopper, I had good info and lot of experience.

From One Age to Another Age

At a writer’s meeting this year, a woman pointed out her white hair to me when she said she didn’t know what a blog was. Then she mentioned that although she may not know things I know (newer technology), that there are things she knows that I’ve probably never even seen before, like a rotary phone. I laughed at that and joked along, saying that I have seen rotary phones and had played with them when I was younger. (In fact, I know how to use them. I just never owned one.) Despite my light-heartedness, my insecurity bubbled up inside…my age was front and center again. When this happens, I resort to saying one sentence, which comes out when I am extremely insecure, “I look and sound a lot younger than I actually am.”

Looking Younger, Being Young

Many people will say it’s a good thing to look younger than your age, that you will be happy for that in your old age; I hear that all the time, but in professional situations, it can make people see and think of you differently.

Age shouldn’t matter.

Whether you are young, mature, look younger than your age, or are younger than others around you and look younger to boot.

Ageism Sucks

Age doesn’t equate to what a person knows or their experience. This goes for the old and the young.

Even at the flea market while buying veggies with my mom and sister and nephews, I got asked by the booth owner if I was going to school locally. My jaw almost dropped. I said, "Oh no, I am waaaay past school." He then made a joke to my mom, guessing my age to be much younger than it is. I guess because I look young, and my mom lives with me, and I bring her to many places (I only have one car, and we both use it...we're two peas in a pod, really) that makes me seem even younger than I am. But I can show you the wrinkles across my forehead that don't lie.

One day, I may be less insecure about my age, but until then, whenever someone asks how old I am or I see in their eyes that they are dismissing me professionally for how young I look, I shrink inside, much like the child they think I am.

Added: If people thought I was younger just randomly, I'd shrug about it, but with my writing/publishing, etc., it bothers me when I see those reactions or get those statements. 

GUESS: I won’t reveal my age or even indicate if someone is close or spot-on, but go ahead and take a guess for how old you think I am. I won't mind. This time. It'll be interesting to see your guesses. ;)

QUESTION: Has ageism ever affected you?

Monday, August 26

Dead at Seventeen by John Berrio Reading / Inspiration for Ghost of Death / Vlog

Hi! Welcome to a ghostly edition of my vlog here on Write with Fey.

I've got two videos for you this time. The first is a reading of a poem that influenced me while I was writing Ghost of Death. The second video is a reading from my short story, Ghost of Death.

In the first video, I get choked up. The poem Dead at Seventeen by John Berrio is no joke.

By watching both videos, you'll be able to see just how the poem inspired me.


And maybe have a tissue close by...

Dead at Seventeen by John Berrio Reading
Inspiration for Ghost of Death

Length: 10:14

Ghost of Death Reading

Length: 6:11

Total Length for Both Videos: 16:25

Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the videos on YouTube. To go to each video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

QUESTION: Has a poem or other writing ever inspired you?

Thanks for watching!

Monday, August 19

Spice Up Your Amazon Book Pages and Author Profile / Vlog

Thanks for you interest in my vlog post about Amazon book pages and author profiles!

This was a PowerPoint presentation that I did for a local writer's meeting. And I did a workshop for The Wild Rose Press with a text-form of this presentation.

I hope you find the information in it useful.


Spice Up Your Amazon Book Pages and Author Profile

Length: 25:42

QUESTION: Have you done anything different to spice up your Amazon book pages and/or author profile.

Wednesday, August 7

How to Be a Writer When You Can't Write / IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a safe place for insecure writers of all kinds.

HEALTH UPDATE: My surgery went well, and tomorrow is my 4-week after mark, but I am still restricted with what I can do for another 2 weeks. First, no signs of malignancy! But when I saw my doctor for the followup, the first thing he said was, “Wow. You were the real deal!” He added that what he had to do was very extensive and that he wished he had brought me in for surgery sooner. There was a LOT of endometriosis. Everywhere. There was so much that my organs were a bit misplaced, so when they got done, my organs shifted back into place. He said my uterus “sprang” back. They removed the "chocolate" cyst from my right ovary, and they also had to do something with my colon and remove something from the outside of my intestine. So, yeah... lol 


There are times when you may struggle to write, not because you lost the ability to physically write, but rather that you’re suffering from writer’s block (the condition in which an author loses the ability to create new work or slows down creatively) or writer’s burnout, which is more extreme than being blocked and involves a disconnect between you and writing; the love is (hopefully temporarily) gone, replaced with physical and mental exhaustion…sometimes even emotional exhaustion.

During these instances, writing at all can be more than a struggle but an outright challenge. I find that it’s best to not push myself or put pressure on myself to create, but not being able to write makes me feel worse and further burns me out. Depression can also be a significant factor, as it usually is with me. That’s how my writer’s burnout started. Soon, the burnout was feeding my depression and vice versa in a vicious cycle. The important thing for me was to continue to feel like a writer even when I wasn’t actively writing on a story.

Below are several tactics that have been useful to me that you can try.

5 Ways to Be a Writer When You Can’t Write:

1. Read

This is just about the easiest thing you can do when you can’t write for whatever reason. When we read, we are taking in words—lots of them. And those words are inspiring us. They can help us heal, invigorate our creativity, and spark new ideas. Read anything that interests you, and it certainly doesn’t have to be fiction, and I would also recommend that you do not read anything in the genre of the current work-in-progress you’re struggling with. Doing so could increase your anxiety, especially if you start to compare your work to the books you read. Instead, read outside your preferred genre(s).

Read non-fiction if you’re a fiction writer.

Read children’s books, middle grade, or YA if you write for adults only.

Definitely read books about topics that interest you, even travel guides.

Read and explore.

Turn the pages of books.

Reading is a big part of being a writer, so bust out that library card or go to a used bookstore and let books be your medicine.

2. Research

This is pretty similar to #1 Reading because you can consume many books in your research quest. You can research subjects that once captivated you when you were younger. For me, I had loved anything to do with mummies and Ancient Egypt. And when I had writer’s burnout, I read several books about Wicca.

Seriously, no judgement!!!

Research anything.

The bonus is, you could end up getting a great idea for a story or a character inspired by all of that research.

You can also try doing writing-related research. Check out books about writer’s block, inspiration, and creativity. But nothing too heavy, like books about marketing or publishing, that can load on the pressure and make you sink lower into yourself and your stress.

3. Write a Sentence

Just one sentence. Flip to a random page in an encyclopedia and point at one of the pages. Whatever word your finger lands on, write a sentence using that word. This doesn’t even have to be a sentence for your current work-in-progress, either.
Or you could use a random word generator like and write a sentence with a new-to-you vocabulary word every day.

Try weird word lists and write a sentence with a whacky-sounding word or words that have funny or strange definitions.

Any writing counts!

4. Journal

Write about your day, your struggle to write, your worries, your fears, your hopes and dreams. Try to write a full journal page a day. Remember, any writing counts. You can even use your journal pages to write through plot or character issues.

5. New Hobby

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to take up another hobby altogether. This new hobby can bring you back to the page renewed or inspire a story that revolves around that hobby or a character who enjoys that hobby. Most of all, you can have fun.

If you can take on a hobby that has to do with your current work-in-progress (I once took archery lessons for a story I was writing), all the better.

Whatever you have to do to feel like a writer, do it, especially if actual story-telling is difficult at the moment. The most important thing is that you believe in yourself and tell yourself you’ll get back to where you used to be—happily creating.

And you will get there again.

You will.

QUESTION: What do you do when you struggle to write?

Monday, July 29

What To Do if an Earthquake Strikes / Vlog

Health Update: I am slowly replying back to blog comments. I will share how my surgery went and the findings on IWSG Day.

Welcome to my vlog on Write with Fey!

Here is a post that just might save your life.

What To Do if an Earthquake Strikes

Length: 8:30

Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the video on YouTube. To go to the video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

QUESTION: Have you ever been in an earthquake or felt tremors?

Thanks for watching!

Monday, July 22

Blogging for Writers: A PowerPoint Presentation / Vlog

Health Update: Healing from surgery. It may take me a while to return visits after, if I am able to (healing is 4-6 weeks). But I will pop in to see your comments and to reply back to them. <3

Hello there! Welcome to another vlog post on Write with Fey. I sure hope you've been enjoying these videos.

This time, I am sharing a PowerPoint presentation that I recorded with audio. I presented this PowerPoint at a local writer's meeting and then at a writer's conference this past April (2019). I wanted to create a video after the wonderful response I got, so that I can share this for others who are thinking about starting a blog or have a blog and they need some ideas.

I hope it is helpful to you.


Blogging for Writers: A PowerPoint Presentation

Length: 46:45

Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the video on YouTube. To go to this video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

QUESTION: Why did you start blogging?

Thanks for watching/listening!

Monday, July 15

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me / Vlog

Health Update: Healing from surgery. It may take me a while to return visits after, if I am able to (healing is 4-6 weeks). But I will pop in to see your comments and to reply back to them. <3

Thank you for coming to another vlog post on Write with Fey!

This time, I am sharing two fun videos. In the first, I am revealing 5 things you probably don't know about me. In the second, I am showing you 5 odd things you could find on my desk.


5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Length: 4:59

5 Odd Things You Can Find on My Desk

Length: 3:14

Total Length for Both Videos: 8:13

Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the videos on YouTube. To go to each video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

QUESTION: What are 5 odd things on your desk?

SHARE: 5 things I probably don't know about you.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, July 3

Bactine for Writer's Burnout Part 10 (No Stress) / IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a safe place for insecure writers of all kinds.

Health Update: I will be having surgery on July 11th (next Thursday) on my right ovary to have the cyst and endometriosis removed. They won't know the extent of things until they go in, but there's a possibility they may have to remove more. I'd appreciate prayers and good thoughts. Also, I have blog posts scheduled throughout the month, but it may take me a while to return visits after the 11th, if I am able to (healing is 4-6 weeks). But I will pop in to see your comments and to reply back to them. 

What is writer’s burnout?

Burnout is very different from writer’s block. It’s worse. Writer’s burnout is something you feel deep down…bone-deep. It’s just like when athletes burnout from working themselves too hard and too much for too long. They can lose their love of the sport, physically and mentally. You can get writer's burnout from doing anything related to being an author.

To read my story and the tips I previously shared check out:
Bactine for Writer's Burnout Part 9 (Patience) - Tips 22 - 24

More Tips to Help You START Reversing Writer’s Burnout:

None of the tips above will help you, truly help you, unless you eliminate stress from your life.

The number one cause of burnout is doing too much too quickly.

You can prevent burnout by eliminating stress or accepting help now. And you can do the same to heal yourself if you are currently burned out.


In 2017, when I was immersed in depression and burned out, I evaluated my responsibilities and made the decision to step back from a couple of duties that took up too much of my time and effort, heightened my stress levels, and were no longer making me happy. I knew the decision was right the moment I made up my mind because I felt lighter without those stressors weighing me down. And I have never regretted my decisions.

Questions to ask yourself:

-      What causes me the most stress?
-      Do all of my “jobs” still bring me joy?
-      Are there people in my life who make me feel unappreciated?
-      Does one of my responsibilities bring me unwanted drama?
-      Where am I overworked?
-      What takes up most of my time and effort with little or no reward?

Now ask yourself:

-      Where can I ask for help?
-      Where can I take a step back?

BACTINE #25: Juggle Less

If you have too many balls in the air and are struggling to juggle them all, give yourself permission to drop one or two of those balls. When you do, your tempo will be renewed and you will be able to juggle with ease.

BACTINE #26: Divide and Conquer 

If you have too much on your plate, divide a couple of those larger portions in half and offer one half to someone else you trust. Or delegate a couple of small portions to another. Do you have a partner? Can you hire a virtual assistant? What about a supportive friend or family member?

If something doesn’t make you happy anymore, imagine your happiness once you shed that responsibility. If you dread something, it’s not meant to be.

Really evaluate your answers to the questions above, meditate on them if you need to, trust yourself, and do what you need to do for you, your health, and your writing.

I think this is my last Bactine post for Writer’s Burnout.

QUESTIONS: How stressed out are you on a scale of 1 to 10? Have any of my posts helped you? I hope so. :)

Monday, June 24

My Experience with Hurricanes + Reading / Vlog

Welcome to another vlog post on Write with Fey.

Hurricane season started on June 1st, so I thought it would be appropriate to share two videos I did for Hurricane Crimes. The first is about my experience with hurricanes. And the second is a short reading from Hurricane Crimes.


My Experience with Hurricanes

Length: 12:12

Hurricane Crimes Reading

Length: 9:26

Total Length for Both Videos: 20:38

Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the videos on YouTube. To go to each video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

SHARE: Tell me about your experience with hurricanes/tropical storms or even a severe thunderstorm.

Thanks for watching!

Monday, June 17

My Writer's Backstory / Vlog + Tara Tyler's Windy Hollow Release Day!

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I have something different for you. I've been making and posting videos on my YouTube channel, and I just got the brilliant idea to post some of those videos directly on my blog as posts. *face palm* I will mix a few older fun or informative vlogs with new ones and try to put up vlog posts 2-3 times a month here on Write with Fey.

I've been trying to find some way to make blogging (for me) more fun. Ever since my worst case of depression a couple of years ago, blogging hasn't been the same for me. Then BAM! I got this idea (moments ago from typing this), and I think this may motivate me. I do really enjoy creating my YouTube videos, so this just may be the answer. Or, at least, a step.


How I Started Writing 

Length: 5:59

How I Came Up with My Author Pen Name

Length: 4:27

The Story Behind My Author Tagline

Length: 5:44

Total Length for All 3 Videos:


Feel free to comment on my blog and/or on the videos on YouTube. To go to each video's YouTube page, click on the title located on the video.

QUESTION: How did you start writing?

Thanks for watching!



Beast World MG Fantasy Series, book #3
by Tara Tyler
Available NOW!

In BROKEN BRANCH FALLS, Gabe and his friends go on a quest to save their school, blowing up all the rules, and discover their origins.

Then they go to CRADLE ROCK and meet some real live humans, scaring them into attack mode. The Beasts realize they have to spread the truth ASAP.

Now, school's out, and Gabe is ready for a break from all the drama...

Gabe and his friends fly over the Great Sea for the wedding of the century: a dragon prince and a beautiful harpy. But Gabe can't relax on this vacation. Besides competing in rigorous wedding events, he overhears the nearby human village WINDY HOLLOW is in danger from an evil human scientist and a vengeful were-ogre experimenting on beasts. Gabe and his friends risk crossing the mountains to help, despite several warnings. 

Maybe he's going too far this time, but he's in too deep to quit. It's do or die, hopefully not die!

Author Bio

Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over the US, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her husband and one boy left in the nest. She has two novel series, Pop Travel (sci-fi detective thrillers) and Beast World (fantasy adventures), plus her UnPrincess novella series where the maidens save themselves. She's a commended blogger, contributed to several anthologies, and to fit in all these projects, she economizes her time, aka the Lazy Housewife—someday she might write a book on that... Make every day an adventure!

How to find:
twitter: @taratylertalks
Instagram: taratylertalks
newsletter: tara tyler news

Please leave Tara some love!

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(NEW RELEASE) The Missing Alphabet (A Gregory Green Adventure Series) by Elaine Kaye

Chrys Fey: Many of you know by now that my mom (Elaine Kaye) publishes picture books. Helping her do this has been so much fun. I love seeing the characters I grew up with finally coming out into the world for others (children and adults alike) to get to know.

You may have read about how the teddy bear in A Gregory Green Adventure Series is based after a Cabbage Patch Doll named Sammy. He was my brother's, but everyone loved him.

Just to embarrass myself (and a sibling or two), I decided to share some photos to celebrate the release of The Missing Alphabet.

My brother sleeping with Sammy the Cabbage Patch Doll.

And this is me having my turn with Sammy.

Sammy the Cabbage Patch Doll is quite old. Over the years, he lost his head. Literally. His head fell right off! And his body, which had been repaired a few times when it got rips, was covered in stains. Last year for Christmas, my mom and I rebuilt Sammy a new body and presented him to my brother, who has a son of his own now. The doll still has a cracked nose, but otherwise is as good as new.

Sammy before his full-body transplant.

Sammy after his full-body transplant. He didn't like be nakey. lol

Since Sammy the Cabbage Patch Doll was put away for years, just before Christmas, Sammy the Teddy Bear finally got to meet him!

The two Sammys!
Sammy is reading Pea Soup Disaster to Sammy!


The paper alphabet letters in Gregory Green’s classroom have gone missing, and it’s up to him and his friends to find those missing letters. They go on a hunt through the school, hoping to find them. They spot letters next to things that start with those letters, like B for Bananas in the cafeteria. But will they be able to find the entire alphabet?

The Missing Alphabet is a great story for children learning to associate letters with objects, and four activities throughout the book will further help children to get familiar with the alphabet.

General Age Range - Kids 5-8 (Story Picture Book)

EBOOK: Amazon / Nook / Kobo
PRINT: Amazon 


“Bullying is not fun and, with colorful illustrations and interesting characters, the author handles the topic in a simple manner, giving a clear message about how the color of one's skin is not important." - Readers' Favorite (5-Star Review)

EBOOK: Amazon / Nook / Kobo

“Tutors and educators can use it in classrooms and school libraries for read aloud sessions.” – Readers’ Favorite (5-Star Review)

EBOOK: Amazon / Nook / Kobo
PRINT: Amazon / Barnes & Noble 

“This is a perfect story for children and it will make them imagine, dream, and become adventurous. The illustrations are whimsical and they bring out the spookiness and eeriness of the adventure.” – Readers’ Favorite (5-Star Review)

EBOOK: Amazon / Nook / Kobo

About the Author: Elaine Kaye is the author of A Gregory Green Adventure series. She created Gregory Green after her son, who loved her homemade pea soup.

Kaye has worked as a library assistant and teacher's assistant in elementary schools. She currently lives in Florida, but has called Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Okinawa, Japan home.

Website / Goodreads / Amazon / Instagram / Facebook


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