April 26, 2024

W - Wellness Journal


Theme: Grief Work and Healing Journey

My first trip to Walmart after my mom passed away, I was picking up groceries and looking for a journal that I could use along with my Grief Share workbook because there's journal prompts. I thought a journal would be good to write through my grief process, and I didn't want to use the journal I already had, which didn't have many blank pages left anyway.

Instead of a regular blank journal, I ended up finding a "Wellness Journal." I chose this journal because of how I'd suffered from depression in the past, because of how I was beginning my grief journey and was aware that I'd need the extra help and that my wellness is a top priority.

While flipping through it, I saw pages where you could circle how you felt that day, keep track of how many minutes/hours you meditate and do physical activity, fill out acts of self-care, acts of kindness, lessons learned that day, gratitudes, and daily affirmations. You can also keep track of your screen time as well as check off whether or not you rested and relaxed, performed self-care, moved, and hydrated. 

There's also pages at the start of the week to plan meals and track goals and rewards, and at the end of the week where you can give yourself credit for certain weekly self-care activities and circle which days you watered plants and washed your hair. 

On the "Express Yourself & Free Your Mind" page at the end of each week, I liked to make a list of my low moments and my high moments from that past week. I began with the low moments because those tended to be easier to think of and because placing the high moments after them made those high moment the final say of that week.

This Wellness Journal was a lifeline for me every day. It gave me something to do every morning, throughout the day, every evening, and before bed. It helped me to continue moving forward.

Here are the pages:

(I altered them with my pink pen so that you can't just print these off. Buy yourself a copy or search for a different Wellness Journal. You can even turn your own bullet journal into one if you're crafty.)



B - Beach

C - Church

D - Donating

E - Epistle (Letter from Heaven)

F - Facebook Posts

G - Grief Share

H - Haiku Poetry

I - Imari

J - Job (New Job)

K - Kitchen Time

L - Ladybug Rocks #LadyBugRocksFL

M - Miracle Moments

N - Nature

O - Our Story (Keepsake Journal)

P - Playlist + Photo Collages

Q - Quiet (Reading) Time

R - Removing and Redecorating

S - Sammy the Teddy Bear

T - Tauren Wells "Joy in the Morning"

U - Use + YOU

V - Videos of Wildlife

W - Wellness Journal


  1. That's a great tool. I'm glad it was helpful for you.

  2. That does sound useful. I admit I would have written in a blank book, but then, I tend to collect exercise books when they are on special. Visiting from the A to Z challenge. Today my Villains post is X is for Extras https://suebursztynski.blogspot.com/2024/04/a-to-z-2024-villains-x-is-for-extras.html

  3. It sounds like the perfect journal and it found you at just the right time.

  4. Was unaware Wellness journals existed. They could be utilised for so many other scenarios. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They really could be. You’re welcome, May!