April 22, 2024

S - Sammy the Teddy Bear


Theme: Grief Work and Healing Journey

Sammy the Teddy Bear is the physical manifestation of Sammy the Teddy Bear in my mom's children's books A Gregory Green Adventure Series. I bought him for my mom in 2017 to have fun with my mom and to promote her children's books.

My mom and I had a ton of fun with Sammy. He’s badass. See for yourself:

Sammy went to book events.

He has his own Wookie backpack.

He rode on a witch's broom.

He sat in Santa's chair. Twice.

He watched Game of Thrones (but not the X-rated moments).

He plays Monopoly with friends.

And has tea parties.

He bakes.

He fishes for cats.

He stole Thistle's wings one Halloween.

(FYI: Thistle is from my mom's middle grade series A Bad Fairy Adventure Series, and I've cosplayed her for fun.)

When my mom passed away, Sammy sat in the corner of my bed for a while to keep me company. In May 2023, a close friend of mine and my mom took me to the beach so we could do a photoshoot with Sammy. The photos will be used one day when I publish my mom's next picture book (posthumously). Just like when my mom and I took pictures of Sammy's shenanigans, I had a lot of fun doing his beach photoshoot.

Here's a couple photos:

I still dress Sammy up for the holidays and seasonally and switch up his ties. He hasn't had much action lately, but I do want to start promoting my mom's books again and along with that I want to share silly photos of Sammy, so he'll be back in action eventually.

I have to admit, though, it's not as much fun doing it by myself, and that's why I haven't done it yet. But maybe once I begin, I'll enjoy it again. We'll see.

UPDATE: Sammy is now taking car rides with me. January of this year, I was in a car accident. (This is not something I've shared anywhere else.) When I got a new car and drove it to and from work for the first time, I was a bit nervous and had a thought that I wished I had a passenger to keep me company.

When my mom passed away, driving was a sad occasion because she was no longer sitting in that passenger seat and wouldn't ever sit there again. I had that thought that day, and it happened to be the same day I wrote this post, so I thought of Sammy. He's been pretty lonely sitting in his chair in my office where I don't venture often, so I took off his little elf costume for the holidays, put on his jeans and sweater vest, and slipped his backpack onto his shoulders. The next morning, I tucked him into the passenger's seat. I enjoy seeing him there.



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S - Sammy the Teddy Bear


  1. Terrific photos of Sammy. What a fine bear he is.

  2. Sammy lives on. And I'm sure he enjoys getting out to work with you. You should totally bring him in the office ;)

    1. I should! I could take pictures of him around the office. 🤣 I have thought about setting him out during the holidays at my desk in his costumes.

  3. When you're ready to start promoting your mum's books again, I'm willing to help with reviews and social media shares. You have my email :-)

    Ronel visiting for S: My Languishing TBR: S

    1. Thank you so much, Ronel! I appreciate that.