April 01, 2024


Theme: Grief Work and Healing Journey

What is ASMR?

It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. 

Check out the Wikipedia page here.

Basically, it's sounds (whispering, certain whispered words like "purple," tapping, mike brushing, page flipping, keyboard clicking, even eating, and a bunch of other stuff) and visuals ("plucking" and Reiki, light visuals also called light triggers) that give you brain/scalp tingles, which is calming and relaxing. 

People watch and listen to ASMR to de-stress at any time of the day, but most people (like me) watch and listen to ASMR before bed. It can help with insomnia to make you sleepy.

I knew about ASMR before I stumbled across my first ASMRtist (like 'artist' but tailored for ASMR creators...ASMRtist) on TikTok in 2022. That happened during one of my mom's hospital stays when I was at home and opened up the TikTok app. TikTok likes to show you random videos from people you don't even follow when you open the app, and that's how I discovered the joy of ASMR.

A live for Christina ASMR filled up my screen. It took me a moment to realize what was going on and then immediately was like, "Oh, hey, ASMR. Cool. I've never watched it before." And it looked and sounded neat, so I got cozy on my couch and watched.

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Last year, during one of my mom's last hospital stays, I found Restful Rambles. She is a great ASMRtist who does a lot of focus videos that involves finger snapping and following instructions. This kind of ASMR is perfect for anxiety, something I've struggled with over the past few years.

I've created an ASMR for Anxiety playlist on YouTube.

ASMR Focus on Keeping Your Eyes Closed - eyes closed light triggers to put you to sleep (Restful Rambles)

After my mom passed away, I made watching Restful Ramble's TikToks and YouTube videos a part of my bedtime routine to help distract my mind, calm my thoughts, relax my body, and get my eyes sleepy.

My Top 6 Favorite ASMRtists:

Restful Rambles

Caring Whispers ASMR



Christina ASMR


My Favorite ASMR Clips on TikTok:

10-Minute Brain Cleanse with Caring Whispers

Car Ride with ASMR Noa

30 Triggers in 10 Minutes with Restful Rambles

25 Triggers in 10 Minutes with Restful Rambles

2-Minute Face Exam with Restful Rambles

Face Exam Gloves with Restful Rambles

Removing Negativity ASMR:

Brain Squish with Christina ASMR

Negative Energy Removal with Caring Whispers

Plucking and Snipping with ASMR Noa

Wiping Brain Clean of Negativity with Restful Rambles

Light Triggers:

2-Minute Bright AF Eye Exam with Restful Rambles

Light Sweep with Caring Whispers

Dark Web with Gigi22ASMR

Pen Torches with Caring Whispers

Bright AF Face Exam with Restful Rambles

Eyes Closed with Restful Rambles

Eye Exam Roleplay ASMR:

Eye Exam with Gigi22ASMR

Eye Exam with Christina ASMR

Sleep Exam with ASMR Noa

Eye Exam with ASMR Noa

Anxiety Relief:

Sparkly Breathing with Caring Whispers

Anxiety Analysis with Restful Rambles

Also check out my ASMR Favs Playlist on YouTube.

ASMR "Sshh, Everything is Okay" - camera covering, face touching & brushing (Restful Rambles)




  1. I'm glad you found something that helps you.

  2. Okay, that is something I CANNOT do. Maybe a heartbeat, or a petting of the hair - but clicks and whispers set me off. -- Oh, I know what would be great for me - listening to a campfire. Amazing soothing noises different so much from person to person.

    1. There’s actually sooo many different kinds of ASMR styles that everyone is bound to find something that works for them. There's no talking ASMR, too. I didn’t share any of the ones I posted on TikTok under MagickLightASMR, but I’ve done no talking ASMR with campfire sounds and salt rock lamps.

  3. Interesting concept. The sound of rain on a tin roof helps with my anxiety :-)

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    Abominable Wraiths