April 25, 2024

V - Videos of Wildlife


Theme: Grief Work and Healing Journey

Even when you're in the midst of grief, it's important to find things that can bring you a bit of happiness.

For me, that was going to the Brevard Zoo in Florida and gradually posting all of the pictures and videos I captured during my visit. It made me want to dedicate my social media to nature and wildlife because of how much happiness it brought me.

I hope you enjoy them!

Here are my favorite zoo videos:

NOTE: When you click on the video to play it, the image will appear vertically.

Playful Lion

Length: 1:15

Sloth Life

Length: 0:24

Lion Brothers

Length: 1:01 

King Vultures

Length: 0:50

Angel Wing

Length: 0:09

Otter Life

Length: 0:18

Giraffe Family

Length: 0:58

Black Swan

Length: 0:43

Gorgeous Jaguar

Length: 0:59

Pretty Zebra

Length: 0:20



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V - Videos of Wildlife


  1. It's a wonderful video, and it definitely does bring a sense of tranquility. I'm so glad you have found something to ease your grief. I think nature is the answer to a lot of things. :-)

    1. Nature really is the answer to most things.

  2. I love visiting zoos and I don't need a reason. Most recently, we went to Symbio Wildlife Park which is a smallish local zoo south of Sydney. One of the highlights was an overexcited cassowary which was running and jumping. I've seen many cassowaries but usually they simply strut around casually. This one had a real bee in his bonnet about something.

    1. Zoos are so much fun, and it’s always a neat experience when the animals put on a show.

  3. Great videos. I haven't been to the zoo in some time... But then, my house sometimes feels likes one with all my dogs and other animals :-)

    Ronel visiting for V: My Languishing TBR: V