May 02, 2024

My Blog's Top 13 Posts of All Time / Thursday 13


During the A to Z challenge, Liz A. posted for a small blog hop called Thursday 13 in which participants create lists of 13 things to share. It could be anything. I love lists, so I thought I'd join in a couple of times this month for fun. I’m sharing a list of the most-viewed posts on my blog.


(based on views)

1. Writing About: A Car Accident - 77.3K views

2. Writing About: A Kidnapping - 15.4K views

3. Writing About: A Wedding - 11.8K views

4. Writing About: Witches - 7.35K views

5. Writing About: A Plane Ride - 6.43K views

6. Protagonist vs Antagonist - 6.27K views

7. Ad Astra Interview / Olivia and Fiona Discuss Banned Books and Intersectional Feminism - 4.01K views

8. New Release Marketing Conclusions - 3.94K views

9. Writing About: Torture - 3.56K views

10. Writing About: A Foot Chase - 3.34K views

11. Writing About: School - 3.25K views

12. Writer's Burnout Part 10 (No Stress) - 3.25K views

13. Dear “I’m Still a Nobody” Author - 3.02K views

NOTE: Comments are closed to these posts, as is the case for all of my older posts. I close the comments to every post about a month after they go live to prevent spam attacks.

It's always interesting to see what posts get the most views. My Writing About feature, which I did for a few years here on my blog, obviously was a hit. I wonder if I should revive it. Back then, the posts were about topics and characters and scenes I'd written about at the time. I've written a lot since I stopped the feature.

If you'd like to check out my Writing About feature, you can find the archive on this page: Writing About. There's sections for Characters, More on Characters, Disasters, Supernatural/Paranormal/Fantasy, Crime, Romance, Places, Seasons, Holidays, and Other.


  1. I like Thursday 13. I get away from them during the school year, but summer is coming, along with nothing to write about. Great list.

    1. Thank you for posting about Thursday 13 during NaNo!

  2. That's a good idea I might try. Are they top posts because of the comments or because you like them best?

  3. Welcome to the TT! This was such a cool idea, a great way to use your blog as a resource for your blog.

  4. Welcome to Thursday 13! Great post. I will have to take some time to look at some of those.

  5. You know, looking over this list, it appears you have been helpful to a lot of writers. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  6. I’m impressed with how much interest has been shown in your posts - and no wonder!


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