April 26, 2023

V - Vision Board + BONUS


This is probably a technique that will make many people groan, but in my rock bottom period, I decided it was the perfect time to create a vision board to help me visualize what I wanted into reality.

On my vision board, which was just a white poster board, I had a picture of a house because we were nearly homeless, a picture of a car because we were carless, a picture of a stack of money because we didn’t have any, and a picture of a big digital camera because I’d always wanted one.

I looked at that vision board every night, because I had it tacked to my wall in front of my bed. I visualized those things in my life, and I sent out prayers to the Higher Powers and to the Universe to bring those things to my life in a positive way. I even chanted affirmations that I would get those things, instead of asking for it. “I will win my disability case. I will win my disability case. There’s no other option. I will win.”

I once read that it is better to give a time limit to your prayers, to the things you are asking for. So, while staring at my vision board, I would say, “Please help me get a house before we have to move out of this apartment,” which was in a matter of months.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

If you want to publish a book, add an image of a book, either a real one or one you’ve drawn, and create the cover to look like your book with your author name and the title on it.

If you want an agent, find a photo of someone who looks professional and attach it to your board. You can use a pair of hands clasped in a handshake to symbolize a positive work relationship.

What is causing your depression and what could make you feel better?

Do you have a broken heart? Add an image of a heart intact.

You could even fill your vision board with things that make you happy in order to manifest happiness. Cut out dozens of smiles and smiley faces and tape them around your vision board to inspire you to smile.

Symbols of Happiness/Hope:

- Red and Yellow Roses

- Rainbow

- Heart

- Sun

- Dove

- Anchor

- Elephant

Fill your board with your dreams and goals and whatever makes you happy.



V - The Veil & Veena

The Veil is the portal that links Earth to New Vida.
Universal Killer Excerpt:

The closer she got, the more the Veil became visible. The crystal arch rose high into the sky so that the peak was hidden by clouds. Inside the arch, an opal sheen moved like a waving flag. During the day, a line of cars to the right could be seen waiting to drive through it to Earth, and next to that, a flow of vehicles appeared as if from thin air, entering her world—New Vida.

Veena is Avrianna's adoptive cousin. As Sassy's daughter, who is Avrianna;s foster mom, Veena is also Avrianna's sister 

Universal Killer Excerpt:

Avrianna held the door open for Veena while she yanked her rolling suitcase up the doorstep. “Can you get my other one?”

“Other one?” Avrianna turned to see a second, identical suitcase sitting on the welcome mat. She stepped out to get it and was amazed at how heavy the thing was. “What in the world do you have in this thing?”


Avrianna tripped over one of the suitcases wheels. She straightened and gaped at Veena. “Shoes?” She pointed. “This thing is full of shoes?”


“And what do you have in that one?” Avrianna pointed at the suitcase Veena had rolled up beside the chair where Sassy had flung her feather boa the night before.


Avrianna hid her grin. Like mother like daughter. 

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  1. a vision board is a good idea. I used to do 5 year goals, but haven't done them in a long time.

    1. Five years seem like such a long time to me now.

  2. One idle moment my husband and I asked what if we were to retire. I put together a spreadsheet with the sums and the possibilities. We made it happen. Sometimes you need to express your vision succinctly and work out how you are going to get there.

    Thanks for visiting my A to Z

    1. Exactly. A roadmap of possibilities is a visual we need to boost that outcome, to manifest it and work toward it.