April 21, 2023

R - Repeat After Me + BONUS


Daily affirmations are a way to train yourself in thinking positive thoughts, not negative thoughts. When you have depression, it is as easy as breathing to think cruel things about yourself, your life, those around you, your job, and the future. Beginning the day with healthy, positive affirmations can tip the scales in your favor. You’re starting off on a positive note, increasing the odds you will have a good day. If your day takes a turn, saying these affirmations can help your mind stay in a safe place. It can also calm you and remind you of what you need to know.

If depression is a daily battle for you, using affirmations each morning would be a good idea. If you go through periods of normalcy and periods of depression, as I do, using the affirmations every day during the time you are in danger of sinking into depression (or are depressed) could be a better approach for you.

While depressed and burned out and going through anxiety over my job, I used affirmations. You see, editors have a thankless job. I went through a period where editing caused me great anxiety, so I started to repeat to myself, “I am a great editor.” Over and over again. The first time I did this, I was sobbing.

I also have affirmations for the things I want in life with every fiber of my being. When depression creeps onto my back, it whispers in my ear about all my dreams that haven’t come true yet, and it tells me they won’t. Ever. Believing my deepest desires won’t come to fruition makes my depression stronger, invincible, as big as King-effing-Kong. Saying my affirmations again and again, using “I will” wording, strengthens those dreams and goals.

You can create affirmations for whatever in your life you need to improve on or need reminders for. Write them down in a journal. If you need pages of affirmations, create pages. If you need different categories (work, health, family, home life), then write the category as a header on one page of your journal and follow it with a list of positive “I am/I will” affirmations.

Affirmations to Consider:

- It is safe for my dreams to come trues.

- It is safe for me to experience success.

- It is safe for me to receive money.

- I am healthy.

- I am smart.

- I am strong.

- I am creative.

- I am beautiful.

- I am kind.

- I am a good wife/husband/mother/father/friend, etc.

- I am worthy of love.

- I am loved.

Alter these affirmations to suit you and put them in your own words. Every morning, say your affirmations (or the affirmations in the areas of your life that need attention). Definitely say them on your bad days.



R - Richard Sterling & Sterling Tower


Universal Killer Excerpt #1 Sterling Tower:

Still smirking, she passed through the Veil to see New Vida slowly becoming conscious with soft greys and lavender streaks in the sky. Hands on her hips, she studied the surrounding buildings’ rooftops. A skyscraper—Sterling Tower—with tinted windows stood erect directly across from the Veil. Tipping her head back, she eyed the roof with a perfect vantage point for a sniper to execute a kill shot in the dead of night unseen. But how did the sniper get up there? As far as she knew, no break-in had been reported. Unless, of course, the perp had access to the building by means of a key or an accomplice on the inside, such as the night guard or a janitor. And since the sniper would’ve needed to be on the property, security cameras would’ve caught her. 

Universal Killer Excerpt #2 Richard Sterling: 
The investigators collected photographic evidence, prints, and measurements. They were finishing up when the CEO of Sterling Tower, a man named Richard Sterling, arrived. Even in the dim lighting, his fake tan glowed an unnatural color. Wisps of black hair clung to a large, smooth, shiny head. He wore a gunmetal-grey suit and a black tie. The bottoms of his Italian shoes clicked and scraped against the asphalt. By the way his eyes narrowed on her made it clear he felt horribly inconvenienced. 

One guess who inspired Richard Sterling and Sterling Tower.

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  1. These affirmations are kind of a meditation, I think, or they could be. Maybe saying them while practicing deep breathing?

    1. That would be a great way to help change your mindset--using it with a breathing/meditation exercise.

  2. Do you know the affirmations password game? (Well, it's my game, so probably not.) Take a password that you use frequently. Then take an affirmation you want to repeat. Change that password to the affirmation--using the first letter of each word for the password (swapping out a number for a word or a different symbol, making sure to capitalize something). Now, you've got a hard to guess password. Whenever you type it in, repeat the affirmation as you type each letter.

    I have a couple affirmations I type frequently. It's probably time to switch them up as I no longer doubt them (as I say them frequently).

    1. That's so funny because I more-or-less used that strategy for the password I use (with slight variations), but unfortunately, the acronym, while related to my Secret Book Baby Series, probably isn't something I should say multiple times a day as I do because they're probably creating the opposite effect and mindset I actually want. Funny how I never realized that until now. So thank you for telling me about this!