April 07, 2023

F - Feng Shui + BONUS


Feng Shui originated in China and is a system of laws regarding arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy forces (in a room/house/office) that harmonizes individuals with their environment.

Desk Position

Your desk should be in a position where you can see the front door, or at least not be surprised if someone were to enter the room. If the only place for your desk is where the entrance is to your back, a mirror on the wall above you can let you see the door at all times and avoid the surprise of someone coming into the room behind you. Good positions to avoid bad chi are to sit diagonally from the door or catty-cornering your desk and placing your chair in the corner of the room so you can see the door.

Splitting a Room

If you have to put your desk in another room, such as a living room or bedroom, using a screen will separate the two places from each other. That way work-related items won’t be seen while you are relaxing in your bedroom or living room. It will also provide a level of peace when you are working at your desk, making you feel removed from the rest of the room/house.


Try to avoid sitting in front of a window. I know I used to have a view out the window and enjoyed it, and so do many other writers. I also know I’d get distracted and daydream a lot more while staring out the window. If you like to sit in front of windows, or if that is the only place to put your desk, make sure the view outside the window is a pleasant one, not a view of your neighbor’s house, the pool, or the street. If what’s happening outside is distracting, hang a light, see-through curtain to provide a barrier that still lets sunlight through.

Desk D├ęcor and Supply Arrangement:

Middle Front Position – this is the Career position according to the Bagua (or Pa Kua) and should be left clear to open possibilities. Having a desk with a roll-out keyboard shelf would be ideal. Try to put loose papers and pens away so they don’t clutter this spot.

Central Position – the center of your desk is the Spirituality position and where you should do your work. Once done, however, make sure to put away your things. When your space is clutter-free, good chi can flow freely and positively.

Back Middle Position – this is the Fame position. If your computer screen is here, use an image as your monitor’s background that makes you feel powerful as a writer. This could be the cover art for your recent or upcoming release, your author logo, or a photo you can use as inspiration for your current project. On the wall above your computer monitor, you can hang an inspirational image, such as your vision board or certificates/degrees.

Left Front Position – the Knowledge and Wisdom section is a perfect place to store an orderly stack of reference books, a framed writing quote, or a picture of a mentor, such as your favorite author.

Left Middle Position – the Health position is an ideal place to put a plant on your desk.

Left Back Position – this is the Wealth position. Here you can put accounting books or representations of money, such as a coin, bamboo, or a crystal. Placing your computer here can create wonderful prosperity with whatever you write.

Right Front Position – the Helpful People area is a good place to put your address book and business cards from people in the writing and publishing industry. If you have a work phone, this is where you can put it on your desk.

Right Middle Position – this is the Creativity position where you can store any documents or notebooks for your current work(s)-in-progress. You can even place your journal here. A pencil caddy full of pens would work, too. This area is also the Children position, so if you write for children, include something here that will inspire you, such as your favorite children’s book or a framed image of your illustrated characters.

Right Back Position – the Love and Relationship section is used to represent people with important roles in your life, but you can put something that symbolizes a relationship between two people here, such as two candles or two red roses. Romance authors should pay special attention to this spot. Whatever inspires romance in your life or in your stories, put a representation of it here.

TIP: Keep computer wires hidden. You can use tape to keep them out of the way and twist ties to keep them together and untangled.

There are many books and websites dedicated to Feng Shui that dig much deeper into how you can improve the flow of energy in your home/office. If you’re interested in this concept, I encourage you to do further research.



F - Fashion


Fashion Sense: Zero

Neutral colors

Plain T-shirts


Black, tailored pants

Leather boots

Leather jacket

Detective badge



Police radio 


Fashion Sense: Barbie meets Samantha Jones

Pink everything

Feather boas

Short dresses

Short skirts

Super high heels




Faux fur


Fashion Sense: 100 x 100



Glossy, nude lip gloss

Bold lipstick

Oblong nails

Gold jewelry

White pants

Lace-up boots

The perfect ensemble every time.

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  1. I'm pleased to be able to say that when I got my desk to work from home apparently I had a good sense of feng shui. I'm settled in a spot where I can see the backdoor so I know when Franklin & Penelope need to go out or when they head to the kitchen for a drink of water. Having them close is such a comfort to me.


    1. That sounds like the perfect spot for your desk.

  2. I'm bookmarking this page. I'll need to go over it in the future once tax season is done. My desk has an extra space on the left, but nothing on the right - totally missing all that stuff. As an introvert, living alone, no real surprise, but I need to get the creative area more in balance then a small box of ten colored stones I use for counting tasks. The big open hole is not a good thing. And then the whole back to all entrances. Again, alone in the house, so not that big an issue, but could use improvement. I'll figure it out - after my busy time of the year is done. Thanks for the reminder! Feng shui is not just about energy management, but basic brain hacks - things that look clean, open, make you happy. Declutter is your friends. Again, a very helpful post.

    1. Thank you for bookmarking this page! I hope you find it useful.

  3. I don't remember who recommended the book, but it was the best: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch. It explains all of this simply and with humor. It's the only reason I know anything about feng shui.

    1. That sounds like I good book. I'll need to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I have my desk against a window but the view is a blank wall and some greens. Plus I have sheer curtains blocking out the view partially. Basically I wanted a feel of being out in the open and agree with you about how distracting the view can be when one is trying to write.

  5. Hi Chrys - I tend to put my desk where it fits in within the room ... but not in front of a window ... Feng Shui brings so much sense to keeping our minds clear and peaceful as we progress ... all the best to you and with thoughts - cheers Hilary