April 04, 2023

C - To Be a Writer, You Don't Need...a Coach + BONUS


Many writers just starting out with a story idea and a dream yearn for a coach/mentor whom they can go to whenever they have questions. Not everyone gets this opportunity, however. I didn’t know a single person I could go to for help, who could guide me, or read my work. I had to do everything on my own. I learned, failed, and succeeded on my own.

I started my blog www.WritewithFey.com because I wanted to assist other writers in the same way I had wanted/needed assistance back then. I’m not a mentor, though. I’m just a writer passing on what she knows to other writers. I sincerely believe it’s part of my purpose, and I love doing it.

You don’t need a writing mentor, either. Instead, you can look for the answers you need in books and on websites and writing blogs, as I did. You can go to local writers’ meetings to connect, find critique partners, and get advice. 

If you do find someone who wants to be your mentor (or is like one to you), that is awesome. Appreciate that person with every fiber of your writer’s being.

If you’re in the situation that I was in and you don’t have anyone you can go to, check out the options I mentioned above and be your own mentor.



C - Cocky Killer

The second Avrianna Heavenborn novella that's exclusively on Patreon is Cocky Killer. I wrote Cocky Killer in 2018, when I was experiencing extreme burnout that started in 2017.

The inspiration for this story was sparked by a controversial incident that rattled romancelandia, specifically the self-publishing romance world. It was known as Cocky-Gate.

An author, who I will not name on my blog, filed trademark for the word "Cocky" in romance titles and tried to enforce her copyright on any romance author with the word "Cocky" in their title. It was a huge mess. Authors were worried, especially when other authors from all genres started trademarking words part of their brand, as well.

Yes, it was a HUGE mess.

Some authors even retaliated by writing fast stories with the word "cocky" and "cock" all throughout the title. That's how I got the idea for Cocky Killer...a paranormal mystery featuring Avrianna and a killer who targets people with...well, you know... and kills them in a very specific way.

I had a lot of fun writing this story. There's a lot of humor in it. In fact, it was the first Avrianna Heavenborn novella I had written.

You can read Universal Killer, Cocky Killer, and all future Avrianna Heavenborn novellas on Patreon for just $5.00 a month. You get access to special perks, too, and you pay-it-forward to a good cause because 10% of all earnings go to StandUp for Kids, a charity that helps homeless American youth.


  1. There are a lot of great podcasts out there, too, like the Quitcast I recently found that is almost like having a book coach :-)

    Ronel visiting for C:
    My Languishing TBR: C
    Cannibalistic Fae: Ogres

    1. Podcasts for coaching knowledge is wisdom is a great idea.

  2. There needs to be balance

  3. Hahah...I remember that controversy. That's when I decided that, although I rarely read (these days) or write (ever) in the romance genre, ROMANCE WRITERS ROCK. The real ones, anyway. Not the IP trolls. :) I was tempted to write a "Cocky" novel, myself. But I sat on it, and the feeling passed, knowing there were others happy to make short work of the problem child.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, yesterday. :) I'd been having a discussion on a private forum about how poetry didn't have the express goal of making anyone feel stupid - how, if you don't understand it, maybe the fault lies with the author. Then someone read my poem as "happy" and I thought, boy, did I get it wrong, was I too subtle? LOL Thank you for reassuring me that I did NOT.

    1. I am happy to reassure you that your poetry had the desired effect on me and that I understood it. :)

      I am so happy that one of my blog visitors remembers Cocky Gate.

  4. There are writing classes, but I never found them to be helpful. Writing groups are probably better than a coach. You can learn just as much by critiquing others as you can learn from others critiquing you.

    1. Writing groups are great because you can get knowledge and advice and critiques from so many different people.

  5. Really looking forward to reading Cocky Killer!

    1. I can't wait for you to read it. I wonder what you'll think. I think you'll crack up a lot.

  6. I was much like you when I started- knew nothing and had no one to lean on or learn from. I'm happy now to help new writers get started in a better place than I was.