December 14, 2021

Best of Write with Fey 2021 (& 2020)


For Writers:

10 Things All Authors Should Know

Writing About Minor Characters Who Are People of Color / Vlog

Traditional Publishing - Pros and Cons / Vlog

A Better Alternative to Goodreads - The StoryGraph 

Don't Shame Readers for What They Read (or Writers for What They Write)


Dear Publishers Interview / Jess Lee Talks About Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Antiracism in the Publishing Industry

Ad Astra Interview / Olivia and Fiona Discuss Banned Books and Intersectional Feminism

Interview with Esme Brett, Creator of #RomancestagramBall on Instagram  


What Happened When I Had a Free (Companion) eBook During My Blog Tour?

New Release Marketing Conclusions

Book Recommendations:

Diverse Children's Books and Adult Books on Anti-Racism

Graphic Novels, Picture Books, MG & YA Books, Adult Romance

Book Chat Fun - The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Indigenous History Month / Florida & Seminole History

Windover, A 7,000-Year-Old Pond Cemetery / Research

Causes to Support:

How to Respect and Support Indigenous Peoples

Causes and Donations - Books, Animals, and People / PART 1

Good Causes to Support / PART 2



Why did I write a story for Thorn in the Disaster Crimes series? 

Dear IWSGers - An Announcement

I realized I never did a "Best of" post for 2020, so here it is!


For Writers:

COVID-19 and Authors

Every Author's Path Is Their Own

Don't Make Light of Another Writer's Plight

Writers. Should. NOT. Tell. Other. Writers. What. Tense. Or. POV. To. Use. It's. NOT. Your. Choice.

Dear Author with No Reviews

Dear “I’m Still a Nobody” Author

Dialogue Advice / VLOG

Do I Need a Website / Vlog 

What Should You Know About the Writing Life? / Vlog

Bad Things Must Happen / Vlog


Paid Book Blitz Results


Write a Letter to Your Fear / Except from Keep Writing with Fey

How Tarot Cards Helped with my Depression


NOT INADEQUATE / A Post about Self-Defense and Abuse

Real-Life Memories in Flaming Crimes / Vlog

A Man Like Donovan / Vlog

Writing About Pregnancy and Intimacy in FROZEN CRIMES

Whom Would You Want To Be Stuck with During a Blizzard?

Why Did I Write a Prequel to 30 Seconds? / Vlog

5 Secrets about 30 Seconds / Vlog


  1. Makes it easier to find all your posts. You had a full couple years.

    1. I sure did. Especially 2021. I ended up blogging more that year than recent years.

  2. Hi Chrys - it's always helpful to have an overview post ... especially from you, who has addressed so many informative subjects - necessary for all writers. Thank you for both years. All the best for a peaceful and compassionate seasonal end ... cheers Hilary

    1. I love to do these posts at the end of the year and was surprised to see I forgot to do one for 2020.

      Thank you for visiting, Hilary!

  3. You have produce a lot of good content, Chrys. I hope you're doing well and will have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. Thank you, Jeff! I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful holiday season. :)

  4. Great idea! Let readers know what they missed.
    I'm enjoying #WRiTECLUB2021 over at DL Hammons blog. The entries are fun to read and vote on with feedback.
    Plus, I'm currently reading Patricia Lynne's Being Human. (The IWSG Goodread's book club choice for December.)
    And I'm scheduling debut author interviews at Operation Awesome.
    I hope you have some fun plans for the rest of 2021. 🎆⛸🥁✉🥂⛄ May your days ahead be merry and filled with positive experiences.

    1. You sure had a lot going on at the time you commented this. :)

      Thank you, J.! I hope you have a peaceful and blessed holiday season. And I hope 2022 treats you well.