December 28, 2012


Now is the time to write “THE END” at the bottom of your manuscript.

Typing those words is a huge accomplishment that makes you feel like a warrior. And you are a warrior, a writing warrior!

Seeing “The End” beneath your carefully crafted manuscript that you spent months, maybe even years, writing fills you with triumph. You conquered the goal of writing a book from beginning to end! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are a writer!

But after the excitement of finishing your book fades away, sadness comes over you because it is over. You created these characters with your mind, found them deep inside you, and brought them to life. Now the story is over and your characters are stuck within the pages of your book. Their lives may not have ended, but as the writer who gave birth to them, it certainly feels that way.

Photo by Chrys Fey

Buck up! This doesn’t have to literally be the end of writing. You can start right now on a sequel or begin searching for ideas for another story. Since you have written one book, it will be easier to write another. And if you ever need guidance, these blogs are just a click away to give you assistance.

Fortunately, Write With Fey is not going to end either. As I am still writing the last book of my series, I am going to keep writing blogs with even more writing tips straight from my story. They will be coming soon! Until then...

Keep writing!

Keep dreaming!

Keep Believing!

I know I will!

                                                            THE END

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