December 21, 2012

The Very Last Sentence

Just as the very first sentence is important to hook a reader, the very last sentence is equally important to satisfy the reader.

The sentence that ends your book is the last sentence that your readers read; it sticks with them long after they set the book down. If it is an exceptional sentence, it will cause your readers to wish the story hadn’t ended at all and could make them rush to pick up your next book if you’re writing a sequel. On the other hand, if the last sentence is horrible it can affect their overall opinion of your story.

Your entire book is literally riding on the last sentence!

In the first book of my series, the last sentence states the title of the book, bringing insight to its meaning. In the second book, I tricked my readers with a jaw-dropping sentence. In the third book, the last sentence is a triumphant one, but also another trick that unfolds in the next story. Finally, with the fourth and last book, which I am currently writing, the goal of the last sentence will be to draw the entire series to a much anticipated close.

Now think long and hard about the impression you want to make on your readers with your book. Use the last sentence to conquer this goal. And make it good!

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