December 07, 2012

Is Your Book Ready To End?

Sometimes what you think will be the last chapter isn’t the end of your book. You can always add another chapter or indicate a scene break with the pound sign to write a page or two that will bring your book to an official close like this:


Before you write the “THE END” at the bottom of your manuscript, you need to make sure that you really did write the end of your story.

If you have been writing a romance novel, tell your readers about your character's happily-ever-after. Do not just state that they lived happily for the rest of their lives. This is not a princess fairy tale! Did they get married? Is the woman pregnant? Do they have a horde of children that take after them in looks and personality? These are the things that romance readers want to know at the end of a book. If you don’t give it to them, they may be disappointed. 

If it has been a mystery novel you’ve been slaving over, punctuate the fact that the detective got the suspect and that the case is closed once and for all. Or if you’ve been dedicating your time to writing a thriller, relish in the protagonist’s victory over the evil antagonist. 

In conclusion, you want to let your readers know that life is good again. Your main character found love, defeated their enemy, and completed the goal they were aiming for.

Can you hear the sighs of relief? Can you hear the applause? That is the sound of happy readers. Bask in it! You’re allowed to.

QUESTION: Are you excited or nervous to write “THE END”?

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