February 28, 2023

Dear Undiscovered Writer


Dear Undiscovered Writer,

Many writers are insecure about being unknown and not having the traction that they desire.

This is the case for countless writers. Not only are there countless authors who are published traditionally through small publishers, there are even more who self-publish. There are an estimated 2.2 million books published worldwide each year. That’s a lot of books.

Some authors can publish several in one year, but the vast majority probably only publish one to two a year, so that could give you a rough (very rough) estimate of how many authors there are around the world.

With that many authors and that many books, it is hard to get noticed. It’s this way for every author.

What we have to focus on and be grateful for are the readers we do have, even if it’s a small intimate group. Every reader counts. Every. Single. One. If you have one reader, you’re in a good place, because that one reader is the right reader.

One reader means: one mind you're touching, one person you're influencing, one bibliophile you're giving a book escape to.

We may never be known by the hundreds or thousands or hundred-thousands, but being known by the dozens or less is just as great and is special. Each and every reader your book reaches is meant to be. 

You’re not unknown if you’re known by a few. Remember that. The readers you have now are special and worthy and amazing. Show them your gratitude today.

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Universal Killer Chapter Eight Teaser

Diz took her place behind her weapon. A pale hand emerged. A thin finger curled around the trigger guard in preparation. Avrianna brought her radio to her mouth and whispered, "Diz is here. She's on the rooftop of Orbit Technologies." "Got her," came the voice of one of their trained snipers.

Chapter Eight and the Epilogue to Universal Killer are up with BONUS material.


I’ve started to post a new Avrianna Heavenborn novella on Patreon! 

Someone has been killed outside The Galaxy's Tease, the most-frequented strip club in all of New Vida. The patron's throat was slit, but that's not all. Something was taken from them...a very specific appendage. When a second body turns up, it's clear to Avrianna that the killer is targeting customers who enjoy the strip club and have one thing in common…what's in their pants. This murderer couldn't get more cocky if they tried, and it's Avrianna's job to catch them before they kill again.

Cocky Killer Chapter One Teaser

"A dead body was found in the alley next to The Galaxy's Tease." Avrianna arched a brow. "Isn't that a strip club?" "It is, indeed." She groaned. "Great." "Not a fan of strip clubs?" She scowled. "You do know whom you're talking to, right?"

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  1. As I read so much non-fiction, the lesser known authors I know tend to write more academic works. There, I think you appreciate not only readers, but also having your work cited in someone else's work. I've just posted one of my articles online as the journal it was first published isn't available online. I'll see how many people are interested in reading a long article with well over 100 footnotes.

  2. Very true. You never know how deeply you've touched your few readers. Any reader is a success.

  3. Hi Chrys - so many good books out there ... I tend to read more academic type novels and books ... but I love Damyanti Biswas' books 'You Beneath My Skin' and 'The Blue Bar' - both highly recommended by many public and well-known authors. They give an eye opening look into Mumbai - while engrossing us in a fascinating story of crime ... so well told. Then there's Jacqui Murray's series on pre-historic fiction - wonderful reads. Cheers - Hilary

    1. I haven't read Damyanti's books yet, but they are on my TBR list.

  4. I so agree that it's important to be grateful for our readers.

    1. It's the best thing we can do...be grateful for our readers, however many we may have.

  5. Great post! It is important to be grateful for the readers we have. You are one of my favorite authors along with J.H. Moncrieff and Russell Nohelty.