April 13, 2012

Tackling Chapter Two

Once you finish the first chapter, you feel accomplished. And you should!
Then you type CHAPTER TWO and suddenly you start to feel just how daunting of a task writing a book really is. You’re only on chapter two and you have about twenty more chapters to go (give or take). How in the world can you do it?

But you can! With your detailed plan, inspiration, and determination you can write your book! When you type the words “Chapter Two,” keep that smile on your face and maintain your stride.

Chapter one, as we all know, is the beginning. This is where we meet the main character(s), establish the setting and tone, and learn what we need to know to understand the story. Chapter two is where the story really begins.

If you’re writing a mystery, the first chapter could introduce the detective of the story and show us how he/she live. The end of chapter one could be a phone call about a homicide, and chapter two could be set at the murder scene where the detective examines the crime which he/she will be investigating during the course of the novel.

Whatever genre you are writing, chapter one is the introduction and chapter two builds up to the events that will be unfolding during the rest of the novel.

This is also where the fun begins!

QUESTION: Are you naming your chapters?

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