April 20, 2012

Find Writing Inspiration

Books are an escape from our lives. In the pages of a book we can find solitude and adventure. The authors that write these books, though we may never know them, are our friends. Their words can make us feel love, laugh out loud, and bring thrill into our lives that we may never experience otherwise.

Writing a book can also be an escape. On the pages that we create, we can find solitude and adventure. We can also experience love, laughter, and thrill. This is a little secret that all writers share: We have multiple lives; the one we live on Earth and the ones we live in our stories.

Books and authors can be a great source of inspiration while we write our own books.

QUESTION #1: Who is your favorite author? Why?

Can you incorporate what you like about your favorite author into your own writing?

My favorite author is J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts). She has such a way with words that takes my breath away. When I write, I love to use vivid details so when someone reads my work, he/she can picture the scene perfectly. I love similes, metaphors, and adjectives, because I believe that they make my writing beautiful and can give my stories the affects that they need.

QUESTION #2: What is your favorite book? Why?

Can you draw inspiration from your favorite book to bring your own story to life (without plagiarizing)?

My (current) favorite book is The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I love the main character, the story line, the love triangle (or maybe it’s more of a love square...?), and how she used one-word for chapter titles. She inspired me to change the chapter titles in my first book to a single word, but instead of using verbs to tell what happens in the chapters, I used adjectives to describe the chapters.

Now go and have fun re-reading your favorite book, but don’t forget to take notes, because this is research!

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