June 04, 2024

Take a Peek into My Work-in-Progress: Find Ivy

I realized recently that I never talk about my works-in-progress on my blog.

I want to change that!

Usually, I share details about my WIPs in my museletter (aka newsletter) and on other forms of social media (Instagram and Facebook). But now I want to start doing that here, too. It may be repeated content (if you follow me elsewhere), but I'll try to find something different to share here, too.

With that said, museletter subscribers will always get content first, like exclusive content months in advance or that I won't share elsewhere (until the book is published). For example: In the April issue, I provided an excerpt for when these characters meet. I will not be sharing that anywhere else. So, that's an incentive to sign up for my museletter. 😘 

For being one of my blog followers/visitors, I will give you this heads-up: my next museletter for June will be a look into The Line Between, my enemies-with-benefits paranormal erotic romance. Don't worry, though, the issue will be safe for all reader sensitivities.

Okay, now for Ivy and Ethan...

NOTE: If you're a subscriber to my museletter this may look familiar as I took it from the March issue, but access to Ivy's playlist and the excerpt are perks that only you have. 😍

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Meet Ivy:

Ivy is a curly-haired goddess. Okay, so not a real goddess, but to Ethan she's up there. She is a hair and makeup stylist. Oh, and a psychic, too. Ever since she was a child, she's had visions during her nightly dreams, and they always come true.

When her best friend is kidnapped, she starts to have nightmares about her best friend running through the woods, fleeing her kidnapper. Since local authorities have been unable to find her best friend, Ivy takes it upon herself to hunt down the culprit. She does that by turning herself into bait. It's a good thing then that when she straightens her hair and applies a bit of clever makeup contouring that she looks exactly like her bestie. Her goal is to rattle the kidnapper and make him come after her.

Meet Ethan:

Ethan is the local sheriff. Closing kidnapping cases is one of his specialties. Until Blaire's case. Too much time has gone by, and he still hasn't found out what happened to her. He takes it personally. So much so that the chief of police tells him to take some time off and to stay away from the case. He can't just let it go, though, and continues to investigate against orders. While scoping out a spot that Blaire had frequented, he sees her walking around, clearly not kidnapped. He tails her to the apartment complex she was supposedly taken from.

Except, it's not Blaire. It's her best friend, Ivy, a stubborn and sensual woman. In her natural state, she has the most captivating curls, and he's gone for them.

Ivy & Ethan:

The two decide to team up to find Blaire's kidnapper and bring Blaire to safety. 

There's a few problems, though.

Ivy doesn't have a filter and keeps saying things to Ethan that tempt him. Then there's the way that she calls him "Sheriff," never Ethan. And don't even get him started on the revealing workout clothes that she wears, or the fact that they have to go to a nude beach, or the lap dance. Definitely don't ask him about the lap dance. 

The aforementioned workout clothes. Plus, a bathing suit.

Doggy Character:

Maggie is a German Shephard and the lead dog of the K-9 Unit. Ethan trained her himself when she was a puppy, but she went on to team up with another officer for field work. Ethan has a soft spot for this dog, and Maggie has a soft spot for this human.

Tropes, Themes, and Other Goodness:


Slow Burn

Lots of Sexual tension

Hand flexes ala Mr. Darcy

Lap Dance

Nude Beach

A song for every situation

Protector Hero


Good Question:

Now…why is the book called Find Ivy when they’re looking for Blaire, Ivy’s BFF? Well, you’ll have to wait for me to finish and publish this story to find out, but I promise there’s a title reveal in the story where it’ll make sense.

QUESTION: Are you intrigued? I hope so!


  1. Maggie!!!

    Also, I do love hand flexes a la Mr. Darcy.

  2. Sounds like a great start on a new work.

    1. I’m having fun with it. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing it.

  3. Whew! Sounds too hot for me, but have fun writing and best of luck with it!

    1. I get it. It does have a higher heat rating that may not be for everyone.


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