June 17, 2024

How Did the Movie Pitch Black Inspire me?


In my Thursday 13 blog post titled Movie Lists Fun (Childhood Favorites, Comfort Movies, All-Time Favs), I shared lists of movies, including my all-time favorite movies. Next to several of those movie titles there had been an asterisk, indicating that those films had inspired/influenced me as a writer. 

The Movies:

Pitch Black


Matrix: Reloaded

Van Helsing


Once a month, I am going to highlight one of those movies and reveal how it inspired/influenced me.

This month's movie is...


How did it inspire me?

Two words...his eyes.

The male main character in my Secret Book Baby Series has eyes that glow silver when he's angry or when he's using his powers. In my mind, I picture Riddick's metallic silver eyes.

So, that's how the movie inspired me as a writer.

As for why it's one of my all-time favorite movies...Riddick is a fascinating (and sexy) character. The movie is dark and gritty, scary with the eerie monsters lurking in the dark, gory at times but not excessively gory, and a nail-bitter with action sequences. The world building is great, the characters are easy to hate or root for and are memorable, and Riddick has great lines. It's a truly great and EPIC dark sci-fi movie that I've watched more times than I can tell you. When it first came out, I probably watched it like ten times that year alone.


  1. I don't get scary movies, but then again, I don't have to. I'm glad you enjoy this film. I doubt I'd be able to sit through it, but I'm a scaredy cat.

    1. I actually don’t watch scary movies at all. At least not the kind of horror movies that exist nowadays.

  2. Is that the same character in The Chronicles of Riddick? I've never seen either movie (like Liz I'm a scaredy cat) but it looks like the same actor.

    And having had the pleasure/honor of reading some of the Secret Book Baby Series, it's cool to know where some of the inspiration came from. :)

    1. Yup, same actor in The Chronicles of Riddick. Vin Diesel. The only time I thought he was hot was in Pitch
      Black. 😂 I don’t care for the other Riddick movies. They don’t compare to the first.

      I thought you might like this bit of behind-the-scenes info. 😁

  3. I've never seen that movie before! It does remind me of a YA novel (I wish I could remember the title) that I read when I was a kid about a girl who had silver eyes, and I think she had special powers because of them.


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