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October 04, 2022

Dear Stuck Writer / GIVEAWAY


Dear Stuck Writer,

Occasionally, people will say you’re only blocked because you’re not willing to set aside perfection, lower your creative standards, and create “crappy” art.

Pressure from wanting to write a best seller can certainly be one of the many causes of writer’s block, but it’s not the only one. Editing while you go, because you have the itch to make what you wrote perfect before moving on, can also cause a writer to get stuck. However, claiming those are the only reasons why a writer isn’t writing is inaccurate. Let alone to state that is the case for every writer. Not all blocks arrive because a writer has too high of standards.

People who suggest this will also say that when you try to avoid imperfection, you’re self-sabotaging, but you’re not blocked, because writer’s block is not real. All you have to do is accept that crappy art is part of the process.

The thing is, many writers accept that already. Many writers understand they will have days where their work is not their best, but they keep on going. And they understand the first draft will need a lot of work. However, accepting that and letting yourself create work that you know will need to be improved doesn’t mean you won’t experience any kind of block during the writing process (or during your writing career).

You do not owe ANYONE an explanation for why you are stuck.

You do not have to convince ANYONE that writer’s block is real.

No one else can define what you feel or what you are going through.

No one else can say what is or is not real FOR YOU.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not blocked.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing it wrong or not committed or not embracing imperfection in your art.


You. And only you.

QUESTION: Are you stuck? I'm here to listen.

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  1. Yeah, too many people get stuck in what other people think. And too many people think things that aren't their business are. You do you. It's all we can do.

  2. @Liz, well said! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I haven't been here I ages..I'm sorry about that...truly. I lijed what you wrote and it's very true. You this well. I have been thinking about you and that hurricane. I hope you were not too badly affected.

  4. Ah, yes. I've seen that whole "writer's block doesn't exist" idea before. It always pissed me off when it came across my feed. No, it's not a matter of perfection with me, and yes, I do get blocked. If I'm stuck, it's because something foundational isn't working in the story. Ignoring it and forging ahead leads to additional work that could've been avoided had I just figured out what my gut was telling me was wrong. I never did like the "this is what writing entails" kind of statements that act all encompassing. Thank you for speaking out that it isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of world.

  5. Great post Chrys. I don't suffer much from writer's block, but if I'm stuck it's usually over some plot point where I struggle to choose the best route. Leaving it alone for a few days helps.

  6. Hi Chrys - I'm usually only stuck as I'm sitting with too many thoughts going around and too much to do - so not much happens, til I get on with something - occasionally completely changing what I was going to post about - as I don't do stories etc. But as everyone is saying - it's only 'us' that we need to deal with, not worry about others ... cheers Hilary

  7. Sooo much truth in your article. Thank you for it. I often give up because I can't make it perfect.


  8. Ooh, luckily I'm not stuck at the moment. I was once stuck for an entire year and it was very disheartening and demoralising and horrible. I hope I never go that long again between stories!

  9. I'm stuck on some projects but others the words flow (thankfully). I want one of those mugs so I can have my morning coffee with you as few people around me drink coffee.

  10. Great tips and encouragement, Chrys. Yes, I've been stuck. I have thought about trying the NaNoWriMo. I find that if I get my manuscript out and begin reading it from the beginning, I get motivated to keep writing, because I love the story. So, I don't know if it's writer's block that keeps me from opening my manuscript many days. Maybe it's distraction. Well, in any case, it's not going to write itself! :P


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