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October 12, 2018

Terracotta Warriors Facts / Guest Post by Sherry Ellis / Bubba and Squirt's Big Dig to China

It’s a pleasure to be participating in author Sherry Ellis’ BUBBA AND SQUIRT’S BIG DIG TO CHINA Blog Tour through MC Book Tours today.

Sherry Ellis is offering a tour-wide international giveaway featuring five autographed copies of her book. More information on the giveaway is listed below.

Welcome, Sherry!

The Terracotta Warriors


Sherry Ellis

Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog today! I thought I’d share some information about the Terracotta warriors that are featured in my book, Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China.

When Bubba and Squirt arrive in Xi’an, China, they discover they are in the pit of the Terracotta warriors. These clay soldiers were discovered in 1974 by local farmers digging for a well. To date, more than 8,000 have been found and pieced together by archaeologists. 

Here are more facts about them:

            - They were buried with the first Emperor of China, Ch’in Shi Huang-ti.

            - Their purpose was to help the emperor rule another empire in the afterlife.
            - No two are the same.

            - The statues found include warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, and musicians.

            - The hairstyles indicate rank in the army. Officers usually wear hats. Warriors have their hair pinned in a knot. Those with knots on the left side are kneeling archers.

            - Construction of the army began when Ch’in Shi Huang-ti was 13 years old and lasted until his death 37 years later.

by Sherry Ellis

Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Dancing Lemur Press
◊ Print & eBooks
Paperback: 94 pages
◊ Grades 3-5

Squirt doesn't believe Bubba can dig a hole to China. But when the hole swallows them, the kids find themselves in Xi'an, China, surrounded by Terracotta Warriors.

          It gets worse when the ghost of the first emperor of China appears. He tells them they can't go home until they find his missing pi. The kids don't know where to begin until they meet a girl and her grandmother who promise to help find the pendant.

          Soon they realize they are being followed. And they are no closer to finding the missing pi. Will Bubba and Squirt ever make it back home?

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About the Author: 

Sherry Ellis is an award-winning author and professional musician who plays and teaches the violin, viola, and piano.

When she is not writing or engaged in musical activities, she can be found doing household chores, hiking, or exploring the world. Sherry, her husband, and their two children live in Atlanta, Georgia. 

For more on Sherry and her writing, you can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, her blog, her website and her Amazon Author Page.

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Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow Sherry on her month-long tour HERE. You never know what you might find out.

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  1. Chrys, thanks for being a part of Sherry's tour and sharing about this fun book. Interesting facts about the Terracotta Warriors.

  2. Thanks again for featuring my book on your blog! I hope everyone enjoys learning a few fun facts about the Terracotta Warriors.

  3. What a cool idea for a novel. I wish this had been available when I was teaching 6th grade and we were studying ancient China! My students would have loved it! A few years ago, a portion of these clay statues were part of an exhibition at Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, and my husband and I went to view it. These statues were truly awesome. Amazing artistry in their depiction.

    1. There was an exhibit in Cincinnati, too. So nice that these artifacts can be seen by people all over the world!

  4. That sounds like a really fun, cute story!

  5. Looks like a great book, Sherry.

  6. Congrats on an original story involving these warriors which I would love to see up close. They were all painted in bright colours as well. I always think they might start moving wanting to engage in combat

    1. Oh and are you ok re: Hurricane Michael?

    2. At the museum in Xi'an, China, they have a display where one of the warriors is painted. It would've been cool to see how they all looked painted. (I'm okay. I live in Georgia, so we didn't get much. You're probably wondering about Chrys, though, since she lives in Florida.)

  7. That is neat that no two are alike. Not sure they worked as another empire for him in the afterlife though, but you never know haha

    1. Maybe we'll be greeted by them in the afterlife. ;0)

  8. Bubba and Squirt, what fun names. Looks like a read full of laughter.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  9. Hi Chrys and Sherry ... the Terracotta Warriors are quite amazing - I was lucky enough to see a collection at the British Museum in London ... they are all quite extraordinary and all different ... I really should read up more about them - perhaps I need to meet up with Bubba and Squirt - a fun book: congratulations - cheers Hilary

    1. The history of the Terracotta warriors is interesting. They all used to be painted, too.

  10. I didn't know that there were different hairstyles for the soldiers; that's interesting, especially since I'm so used to seeing the buzz cuts of many American soldiers.

  11. Have been a follower of Sherry's for some time now. Love to read about her wonderful family and also about her great books.


  12. Wow, this was a great post. I didn't know they'd started building the statues when the emporer was 13 years old and went on so long! I wonder how many they'll actually end up uncovering... Thanks for hosting Sherry Ellis!

    1. I didn't know he was 13 years old when he ordered their construction until I did the research. Sounds like the whim of a big kid! Thanks for visiting!

  13. This sounds like such a fun book.

    1. I have gotten some good responses from kids who have read it. So I'm happy!

  14. Thank you for featuring Sherry and her delightful book.

  15. The book sounds really cute!
    A teenager giving instructions to build an army?? Wow. Such fun facts!

  16. Congrats Sherry! I didn't know about the different hairstyles! That's really interesting!!


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