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August 12, 2016

Blogger Interview with diedre Knight from Pensive Pens

Today I am so happy to welcome Diedre Knight to my blog. She is a dear blogging friend. Every time she comments on my blog, I smile. :D She is sweet, funny, creative. Her comments always blow me away because they are almost lyrical, like stories.

Welcome, Diedre!

1.    What does Pensive Pens mean?

Thoughtful missives – about things that inspire, entice and ignite in me the desire to share it.

Pensive Pens Banner

2.    You share a lot of posts about haunted places that reveal the history of ghost towns and hotels. Do you take road trips to these places or visit them through research?

A road trip is always better than a wish on a Popsicle stick; which is how I traveled before I was allowed to cross the street on my own. But, when a road trip isn’t possible, research comes to the rescue with info and images not even I could dream up.

3.    You often ask your blog visitors if they would go to the haunted locations you describe in your posts, what one haunted place would you never go to?

Alcatraz. Long before the gold rush lured the masses west, and prior to its use a crucial military defensive position – let alone a prison for hardened criminals, Native Americans knew better than to go near the island they call a portal of evil.

4.    What was your very first blog post?

You know, I think most of us were pensively penning long before it was called blogging ;-) My first publicly shared blog was “Lollipops and Laptops”; a short rant about merits and mollycoddles, that didn’t receive so much as a yawn. But then, the platform itself was short-lived. After that I pretty much relied on my website, to keep me out of trouble. Until a couple of years ago, when I tried blogging again: The Muse Who Wore Pajama Pants

5.    Many of your blog posts are full of history of states and small towns. What location do you feel has the most fascinating history?

To date, the town that most intrigues me is Oatman, Arizona. I hesitate to say too much as it’s an adventure I plan to share one day.

6.    What are the top 5 most-viewed posts on your blog? (Include links.)

7.    Share your number one tip to bloggers just starting out.

When on a worldwide stage, remember to smile like its Saturday, while dressed in your Sunday best. They may not clap at first, but you’ll keep them in their seats ;-)

Hyper Round:

1.    Favorite time to post blogs? 2:30 am
2.    Blogger or Wordpress?  Blogger
3.    Do you host guests?   Absolutely!
4.    Where are you when you’re blogging?  In my office


diedre Knight is an Arizona native and introspective writer of poetry and fiction for youth and the young at heart, including Beanie’s Backyard and Sawdust. As an avid reader of mysteries and ghosts stories, nature lover and kid worshipper; her work reflects the inspiration presented in all.


Thanks for being my guest today, Diedre!

Please leave Diedre a comment! :)


Unknown said...

Alcatraz sounds ominous!
Thanks for the lovely interview.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

She posts about haunted places? Very cool. I will be visiting, Diedre!

Annalisa Crawford said...

Nice to meet new bloggers - Diedre's sounds like a busy site!

nashvillecats2 said...

I visited Alcatraz whilst in San Franscico some years ago. quite an experience believe me.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi again Chrys and hello to you, dear friend Diedre!

It was a pleasure to learn more about you in this Q & A, Diedre, and I am eager to testify that you are one of the dearest, sweetest and just plain nicest people I ever encountered in my eight years of blogging.

I once took a motivational seminar and learned a valuable lesson taught by a champion salesman. It consisted of three simple words: "Be real nice." That's who and what you are, Diedre. You practice what you preach - consistently arriving at SDMM dressed in your Sunday best and wearing a cheery smile. Regardless of the content, you remain respectful to the reporter/author/host and take time to write a thoughtful, intelligent comment, one that makes a meaningful contribution and moves the discussion forward. Your posts on Pensive Pens transport us through space and time, delight us with amazing facts about people and places and challenge us with mysteries surrounding ghost towns and haunted houses and hotels.

To anyone who happens to read this - I highly recommend Diedre as a friend and her Pensive Pens blog as a delightful escape from humdrum!

Pat Hatt said...

Never knew the native Americans thought that about Alcatraz.

diedre Knight said...

I think so too, Damyanti! Thank you for your thoughtful comment ;-)

diedre Knight said...

Cool beans, sir Alex! You're welcome anytime.

diedre Knight said...

Nice to meet you too, Annalisa! Busy keeps the addled mind from idling overlong ;-)

diedre Knight said...

You're more brave than I, Yvonne! I'd love to hear about your experience.

diedre Knight said...

Well now I've sullied the tablecloth; trying to hide beneath it! You say the kindest things, my friend. Thank you, dear Shady!

diedre Knight said...

Indeed, the native Americans know all the cool things first;-) Alcatraz is one I'll take their word for - ha! Thanks for chiming in, Pat.

diedre Knight said...

Dear lady Chrys, I'm having such a fantastically fun time! Thanks so much for having me. Sorry about the tablecloth ;-)

betty said...

Great interview, will be checking out Diedre's blog, finding myself living in Phoenix now, I am curious about Oatman.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview. I wish I traveled more. I enjoy going through haunted places. I'd like to visit Alcatraz one day.

diedre Knight said...

Thank you, Betty!
I think you'd truly enjoy visiting Oatman, long as you don't mind wild burros and mischievous spirits ;-)

diedre Knight said...

Why, thank you, Medeia! I see we have something in common. But you'll have to tell me about your Alcatraz experience (if you go), since I get dancing neck hairs just thinking about it ;-)

Chrys Fey said...

I'm so glad you're having a blast as my guest. I knew I had to have you here. :)

Liz A. said...

I've actually been to Alcatraz when on a vacation with my family. I think I was 13, so I don't recall it too vividly.

diedre Knight said...

Wow, 13 is such an impressionable age. I'm surprised you weren't more influenced by the experience. But then, most wise people do visit in daylight ;-) Thanks for commenting, Liz!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Anyplace in the deserts of Arizona or New Mexico is fascinating. We visited lots of ghost towns and Indian ruins when we lived in ABQ.

Lisa Thomson said...

Hi Diedre, I just read your very first blog post and loved it! My muse is similar :) Nice interview Chrys.

klahanie said...

Hi Chrys and Diedre,

Oops and aren't I a bad blogger for not visiting the awesome Deidre's blog in quite some time. Of course, I'm sporadic, at best, in my commenting lately.

Anyway, enough of my crap. What an enlightening interview. Oatman, Arizona seems like quite the town! Oh yeah, I also have been near Alcatraz.

I was going to attempt to make a joke about ghost towns but you'd see right through it.

Gary :)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Chrys and Diedre ... interesting to read about your enjoyment of haunted places! I'd run a mile from them - but that fact about Alcatraz is interesting ... ancient man was always much more knowledgeable than we were ... perhaps they were foretelling what Alcatraz would become ...

Cheers and good to meet you - Hilary

diedre Knight said...

I agree, L. Diane. The southwest is truly fascinating!

diedre Knight said...

Hi, Lisa! We have to love a muse willing to revolt every now and then, don't we ;-)

diedre Knight said...

Gary, you are a pawsitively funny guy. I love it!

diedre Knight said...

The pleasure is mine, Hilary! As is discovering secrets that the ancients so revered ;-)
Have a wonderful week!

Lisa Thomson said...

Haha, true! I don't know where mine is right now but pretty sure she stole my pajamas.

Debbie D. said...

Nice interview, Chrys and Diedre! ☺ It was fun to learn more about you, Diedre. I had no idea Alcatraz was that ominous, but it seems fitting. You're coming up on your two-year Blogiversary with Pensive Pens. Congrats! I'm looking forward to your next ghost story.