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Friday, September 7

Uh-Oh! Writer's Block!

Writer's Block - a condition in which a writer loses the ability to write new work.
Causes of Writer's Block:

· Creative problems within the work.
· Lack of inspiration
· Distraction/procrastination
· The project is too big for the writer.
· Physical illness
· Depression
· Stress (of any kind)
· Pressure to write or create a best-seller.
· Feeling of failure

All of these things can make it difficult for someone to write. Personally, I have dealt with a few of them. When I was seventeen and stopped writing completely, I had thought it was because my muse had run away. In reality, I was having creative problems within my series. I had matured greatly during the process of writing the original series and because of that I felt disconnected from all of my previous work. So, I developed a battle plan to fight the writer's block that threatened to end my writing for good.

Another form of writer’s block that I experienced was due to physical illness after I had spine surgery. For several months my writing was paralyzed while I recovered. To this day, whenever I have an illness, even if it is just a simple cold, I can’t produce any writing until I am feeling better.

The two most common causes of writer’s block that I experience are due to distraction/procrastination and stress. If something stressful occurs in my life, such as an explosive fight, then I am plagued with writer's block for the rest of the day.

I've procrastinated about writing more than I like to admit. When I realize that's what I am doing, I force myself to write and the end result is often a gigantic writer's block that lasts anywhere from a day to weeks.

Even if I am on a roll and in the midst of an action-packed scene, I’ll get up and walk away from the computer, as if I’m searching for a distraction. I yell at myself every time I do this.

I will say this about writer's block though:

If you have a detailed plan of what you need to write in your book and if you can write something else, anything else (such as a song, poem, article, short story, or even a list of things you love) then are you really blocked?

#1: What forms of writer's block have plagued you?

#2: How do you cope with writer's block?


  1. I agree with you, Chrys. The #1 cause for my writer's blocks is distraction. There's always something else that has to be done. So I end up putting my writing on hold a lot of the time. :\

  2. Elaine,

    A trick to try to fight the urge to pay attention to distractions or do something on the ever growing list of things to do is to carve out a specific time (an hour or even thirty minutes) each day to devote to writing. You have to tell yourself "This is my writing time, everything else can wait!" Good luck!


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