July 06, 2012

Writing Beyond Chapter Six

Are you still reeling from writing Chapter Six? I know I am!

I have learned that writing about a fight is as physically exhausting as being in a real fight. When you finally finish writing it, you feel as though you need a nap and an ice pack for your head.

Writing action such as a death, car accident, fire, childbirth, or any event that is suspenseful is so mentally exhausting that you can feel it in your bones. If you feel like this, then your readers will also feel the effects of what you’ve written. Their jaws will surely drop, their eyes will become as round as twin full moons, and their fingernails will probably be invisible from biting them to nubs. And this means you did your job!
For Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine you’ll want to continue the drama. More splashes of action here and there, and definitely a few more steamy passages will do just fine.

If you’re writing a murder mystery this is the time to start asking “whodunit”, and the investigation to find out becomes harder, trickier, and has many more twists and turns. If you’re writing a romance, this is when the characters start to realize they are falling in love. Or are they? Only you know…

Also at this stage of your book, your main character may struggle with a demon. This can be a real demon like a killer or an inner demon. Now is the time to bring it out so you can heighten their struggle the deeper you go into your story.

In other words, this is the time to let the domino effect begin in your book. You’ve already knocked over the first domino with that last chapter, now let all the other dominos follow suit and come tumbling down!

How to write Chapter Six: Writing Chapter Six

QUESTIONS: What book had the most enthralling action or heart-bursting romance that you have ever read? Which author do you think specializes in these?

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