November 22, 2022

I Adopted A Turkey / Good Causes PART 9


For years I'd always wanted to “adopt” a turkey from Farm Sanctuary. And I mean I’ve wanted to do this since 2011, but had always been financially unable to. 

NOTE: The adoption is symbolic. The donation goes to the sanctuary where these birds live. 
From their website:  Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy.

Last year, 2021, it was finally meant to be because one of the “spokesturkeys” was named Faye.

Faye, the turkey, is “The Explorer” with a curious and confident personality, and his favorite pastime is searching for snacks, which I respect. He was also sick as a baby, which as someone who has had her fair share of medical issues, I can relate.

So…I adopted him.

I mean, when your name is Chrys Fey, you have to adopt the turkey named Faye. ♥️

Meet Faye, the Broad Breasted White turkey:

I’m sorry but Faye is one handsome turkey. 💁‍♀️

Here's an article titled Faye and Friends: Survivors of Airline Cargo Disaster Find Refuge that talks about what he went through as a baby.

Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey Project is a seasonal program that runs from October - December. You can adopt Faye, too, or another turkey that you connect with. 

From their website: "Your one-time $35 donation helps Farm Sanctuary care for our rescued turkeys, protect others still in need, and raise awareness about the beautiful lives they lead when they’re allowed to live."

On Farm Sanctuary, you can adopt more than just turkeys before Thanksgiving, though. You can adopt all kinds of farm animals all year round, including cows, sheep, swans, ducks, pigs, donkeys, and goats.

Find the farm animal that speaks to you and make a symbolic adoption to help them and the sanctuary today.

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