October 11, 2021

The Role of Food and Beverages in Fiction, Part 1 by Tyrean Martinson / Guest Post / NEXUS


It has truly been an honor and a blast working on The Rayatana Series (Liftoff and Nexus) by Tyrean Martinson. I love watching these characters grow and the stories take shape. There's action and adventure, mystery, budding romance, and nailing-biting moments. Oh, and let's not forget space, distant planets, and aliens (Tuigseach). Really, what's not to love? Amaya is a strong, young, Black woman caught up in a great adventure. I definitely have favorite characters, like Tanwen and Bay; two more tough women. I am looking forward to the next!

But first...check out Book 2: Nexus!

The Role of Food and Beverages in Fiction, Part 1

A Guest Post by Tyrean Martinson

Food and beverage are both necessary for life. We need them to live. In fictional worlds, food and beverage show us our characters are normal people who have needs like we do. However, food and beverage can fill many different roles in fiction, in any genre.

Food and beverage offer familiar comfort for the readers and for the characters. If a character has a favorite comfort food or beverage, readers might relate more strongly with the character. This comfort food or beverage could be anything: coffee, tea, vodka, milk, cookies, popcorn, chocolate, pizza, Romulan Ale, or awak. The type of comfort food is going to share some insight into your character’s life and deepen a reader’s understanding of who they are.

The character might “always” indulge in special foods or beverages at certain times of the day which can signal to the reader when the character is in a certain mood, or when certain things might take place. The comfort food ritual might even be interrupted by the antagonist or by circumstances outside of the character’s control, and this might add to the character’s dilemma in the novel.

Food can also be a shaping influence on a character. Certain smells may remind him/her of childhood or certain memories. Imagine: cotton candy, popcorn, apple pie, or cornbread. Do you have memories associated with those? Characters might, too, and this deepens the characterization or helps readers understand the background of your characters.

 In The Rayatana Series, Amaya is thrown into a war between alien races. Awak is a hot beverage that seems like a blend of coffee and tea, with similar stimulating properties. At first, she’s worried about drinking and eating alien substances, but that dilemma is solved by the end of the first novel and awak is a comfort beverage in the second.


This post is one of three about The Role of Food and Beverages in Fiction!

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Held for crimes against the Neutral Zone, Amaya’s team may fall apart while she wrestles with her powers. 

BLURB: Amaya is supposed to bring peace to the galaxy. Which is tough when she’s being held for crimes against the Neutral Zone. Her imprisonment is on her own ship with her own crew. But close quarters create tension.

Honestly, her role as Rayatana is a mess.

She may never get to use her powers for anything good. Not if her teacher continues to keep secrets, and not if her powers keep harming others. Putting her mother in a coma should put her in prison, but she has a mission. She wants to bring peace to her people. She needs to become the Rayatana.

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Nexus: The Rayatana Book 2 is available all online, retail, and all ebook platforms. Published by Tyrean Martinson with Wings of Light Publishing, LLC. Young Adult - Science Fiction/Adventure/Sweet Romance.

ISBN for Kindle: 978-1-7357695-5-4,ISBN for  Paperback: 978-1-7357695-6-1, and ISBN for EPub: 978-1-7357695-7-8.

What Readers Are Saying About Nexus: The Rayatana, Book 2:

“This is a terrific read! The world-building is incredible with a fascinating array of characters, settings, and technology. All of that creates a wonderful backdrop for Amaya's powerful story. As the story opens, Amaya and her friends are facing a trial for violating the laws of the Neutral Zone. Amaya has to learn who to trust, who to listen to, and how to believe in herself. You'll find yourself caught up in the magic of the story in no time. A fabulous read!” - Jemi Fraser, Author and First Reviewer

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Tyrean Martinson is a word hunter. She forages for words both sweet and tart in the South Sound of Washington State. An eclectic writer, she writes speculative fiction, contemporary and historical fiction, short scripts, devotions, writing books, song lyrics, and poetry. She has been a fencer (long ago), a kickboxer (for a short minute), and an action-movie fan. Tyrean is a life-long book lover, a Christ follower, and walker. Once upon a time, she was a Girl Scout who sang too loudly, and now she’s a podcaster and praise team member. Since childhood, her imagination has been swept away by fairy tales, science fiction, tales of overcoming the odds, and redemption arcs.

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  1. Always have to mention that Romulan ale! Congratulations, Tyrean.

  2. Thank you for hosting me, Chrys!
    And, thank you, Alex. :)

  3. Great post Tyrean. The type of comfort food can tell us a lot about a character.

  4. I'm not a big drinker, but I'd have to try the Romulan Ale if I had the chance!

    1. I'm not either, but I feel the same because it was such a part of Star Trek.

  5. Congrats on the release, Tyrean,.

  6. I agree with you that food can tell us a lot about characters, and it can be an interesting part of world building. Congrats on your new book, Tyrean!

  7. Congrats to Tyrean! Food and drink say so much about a culture. I'd be curious to try some alien food. :D

  8. My mom used to make cornbread as a side to go with macaroni & cheese. That combo is totally comfort food for me.

    Congrats on the new release, Tyrean!

  9. Food is definitely a way to reach your audience. Years ago, I preached a sermon in which I told the story of being a Boy Scout and stopping for a Paul's Place hot dog when going on a campout in Holly Shelter Swamp... I later learned that there were a half dozen families seen together in the grocery afterwards, buying hot dogs! The story got their attention, but not sure they understand the larger point (of which I'd have to go back to understand. Good points here and Congratulations, Tyrean.


  10. I remember that when I read the novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I noticed that the author included many descriptions of the food that the characters ate. She did it to highlight their poverty and also show how they tried to make the most out of their situation by appreciating the small pleasures that they could afford, like how Katie made coffee even though the kids rarely drank it or how Francie savors the small amount of candy she could buy with the money she earned from selling stuff she found on the street.