January 18, 2021

Girls' Time "Date" with Elizabeth Seckman and Her Character Maureen Privet / Flip My Heart

I would like to welcome author Elizabeth Seckman and her character Maureen Privet for a girls' time author/character date.

On to you Elizabeth and Maureen...

1. Which character are you going out on a "date" with? Maureen Privet from Flip My Heart 

2. Where are you going? (What will you be doing?) No, this isn’t a date-date. I mean it’s a real date as in you can write the place and time down on your calendar, but it’s not that kind of date. No romance, just the scheduling of always-valuable girl time. 


“Knock, knock,” Maureen says through the screen door.

“I’m ready.” I grab my purse and slip my feet in my tennis shoes. “Do you know which box is whose?”

“Most certainly. Got the list right here.” Maureen pats her purse. She’s dressed in her favorite purple pant suit and her gray curls are tucked under a new straw hat. Maureen loves box social Sundays. This is her time to shine as match maker. There’s no need to swipe left or right in our little town Not with Maureen under contract with Cupid. 

“I know young Darby would like to spend her Saturday with that handsome fella from Kitty Hawk,” Maureen says with a frown. “But he’s just too smooth for my liking. Nothing worse than a pretty boy who knows he’s pretty.”

“Amen,” I say. 

“Instead, I was thinking more along the lines of the young man my son in law hired to help paint cottages for the summer. I know the boy isn’t a local, but he has local potential.”

“The dark-haired boy? The one staying at the hotel?”

“Yes. That one. He’s such a hard worker. And if he sees me hauling groceries to my car, he always rushes over to help.”

“Excellent choice. He’s a real cutie. Darby will thank you in the long run.”

“Tutt, tutt.” Maureen wags her finger at me as we walk to the car. “She’ll never know…she’ll be thanking her lucky stars, not us.”

I hop in Maureen’s old jalopy and buckle up. Stacks of decorated food boxes line the back seat ready to be auctioned off at “random”. The sun is bright but not yet melting hot. I take a deep breath of the fresh spring air. “It’s a beautiful day to be a couple of lucky stars.”

Maureen gives me a wink. “You’re learnin’, girlie. You’re learnin’. Now, let’s go make some happily ever afters.” 

BLURB: Some hearts are fixer-uppers, hers is a total flip.

For Danni Lowry, going home for her aunt’s funeral means facing reality, and that’s not something she’s eager to do. Since leaving North Carolina, she’s lost her money, her husband, and all hope for happiness.

She goes to the memorial, but regret hits her on arrival. She is about to leave when she bumps into Fisher, her childhood friend and one-time sweetheart. For him, she will stay for the memorial that challenges her grief… and her sanity. During the service, Danni swears she sees her aunt—the dead one—bouncing about, making fun and cracking jokes.

Certain she’s lost her mind, Danni tries again to go, but Aunt Max won’t allow it. She is a reminder that Danni has obligations. There is the hotel. It is now Danni’s, and a sensible person would flip it before selling it. There is young Darby, the orphaned teen her aunt was adopting. Danni couldn’t leave the child homeless. And finally, there is Fisher— loyal, dependable, heart-skippingly-handsome Fisher. The guy she didn’t realize she missed until he was gone.

Fisher offers to help her with the renovations hoping she’ll stay long enough for him to convince her they are meant to be together. Danni agrees to the help and to the friendship, but nothing more. She will not lose Fisher to love. Not again. It’s better to stay friends. Friends don’t break up like lovers do

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Elizabeth is a mom, wife, social worker, pet wrangler and procrastinator. 

Author Link: https://linktr.ee/e.seckman

Thank you for girls' time, Elizabeth and Maureen!

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  1. Loved this book! Loved this 'date' too :-)

  2. That was fun! Going to check out the book!

  3. Hearthy congratulations to Elizabeth!

  4. That was cute. Sounds like a good book.

  5. Congratulations< Elizabeth. Funerals are interesting places for a pickup :)

    1. Especially when you have a ghost doing the match making.

  6. How fun! Congrats and off to get the book :)

  7. Hi Chrys and Elizabeth ... love these sorts of dialogue stories ... and I can imagine the two elderlies creating all kinds of magical havoc. Sounds a great read - all the best - Hilary

    1. Thank you, Hilary! I do love Maureen. She's in several of my stories and I would love to bring her to life. I just know she'd bring me cookies.

  8. Always intriguing to read a character interview. Very neat :)

  9. Elizabeth did it again. Another winner. And don't you love that cover?
    'Lo, Chrys:)

    1. Isn't that a great cover? Our own Al Diaz, AKA Father Dragon drew the cover.