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Friday, November 13, 2015

Author Interview with Patsy Collins / Firestarter

Today I have Patsy Collins as a guest for the release of her new book, FIRESTARTER. She’s dishing about her handsome hero and fireman-attracted heroine. Let’s get started!

Hi, Patsy! Please tell us about your current release.

Firestarter is a romantic comedy with a hot fireman and a few flames!

Blurb - Alice has a fantasy. It starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends in him not needing his uniform. At the New Forest Show, Alice is offered an innocent version of her dream. Reluctantly she turns down fireman Hamish's invitation.

Despite Alice's blameless behaviour, boyfriend Tony's obsessive jealousy kicks in. Hamish wants to take Tony's place, but a hoaxer ensures Alice already sees far too much of Hampshire Fire Service. The threat of an explosive sprout surprise, her mum's baking, sister Kate's mind boggling pep talks and the peculiar behaviour of Alice's boss Miles provide distractions.

Is Alice really in danger? What is Kate up to? Can Hamish possibly be as perfect as he seems? It takes Alice masses of wonderful food, disgusting wine, smelly mud, red footed crows and steamy Welsh passion, but she finds the answers. And rethinks her fantasy.

Title: Firestarter
Author: Patsy Collins
Genre: Romantic comedy
Release Date: 5th November 2015


1. How did you pick the title for your book?

At first, Firestarter was just the working title to save the document but the more I wrote the more saw how appropriate it was. There's the firemen aspect and the challenges they face, there are passions which set hearts ablaze, a cosy fire in a cute Welsh cottage (and the action heats up there too!) and ... there's stuff I can't mention for fear of spoiling the plot!

2. Why did you choose the setting for Firestarter?

It's mostly set fairly close to my home or in places we visit fairly often in our campervan. The van acts as my mobile office and allows me to do a lot of my writing 'on location'. The locations actually influenced the plot line in places - especially when it comes to scenes featuring wildlife. (Some of the characters volunteer in a wildlife sanctuary.)

3. I wish I had a mobile office! Did you do special research for Firestarter?

Yes, as well as learning a lot about birds and seals I also had to research firemen - it's a tough job being a writer! The local fire service were very helpful, as was my friend Suzy Jones whose son is a fireman. She gave me useful insights into their camaraderie and life off-duty.

I also had to eat vast amounts of yummy food, particularly cakes. 

4. Who doesn't like to eat cake? What would women find irresistible about Hamish?

Not much ... unless they happen to like men in uniform, or to be fond of broad shoulders and muscular thighs. I suppose his sun-bleached blond curls could be considered attractive and his grey-green eyes and cheeky grin definitely are. So is his sense of humour, loyalty to his friends and caring nature. Oh and he's nice to animals, can cook and gives a really thorough massage.

I may have developed the very slightest crush.

Patsy in her campervan office.

5. I think all female writers fall for their heroes. ;) What would we find in Alice's purse if we went snooping?

Chocolate, lipstick, mobile phone (cell phone), cash, chocolate, keys, family photos and chocolate.

6. Are any of your characters based on real people?

 I'm going to say 'no'. I think that would be wisest.

7. What is Alice's biggest weakness?

Firemen! She'd say that's not true, but the poor girl is in denial. She's also very fond of chocolate, cake and clothes.

8. Firemen are mine too. :P Is Hamish a bad boy or a gentleman?

A gentleman - and a hero. Not that I'm biased or anything.

9. Neither am I. Haha! What are a few things we would find in or on your desk?

Dictionary, musket ball, glass goat, model Scotty dog, scrap paper, notebooks, pens, cup of tea, cake.

10. Your advice to new writers.

Write what interests you. Create stories you'd like to read yourself, about characters you want to spend time with. It takes a long time to write a book and you want to enjoy the process. 


Patsy Collins lives and writes on the south coast of England. She's the author of hundreds of published short stories and four novels. When she's not writing she likes gardening, photography and cake eating. She shares her home with her husband and head with her characters. 


Thank you for hanging with me, Patsy! I enjoyed getting to know your fireman. ;)

Please leave a comment for Patsy. :)


  1. It's always nice when a working title ends up working for the finished story. I always seem to go through three or four titles before hitting on the one that fits best.

    Love the mobile office! I want one!

    1. Usually my working titles end up being the final title. Only a couple of times have I changes the title. But I do have some vague titles for a few WIP that I'll have to rename.

    2. Thanks, M.J.

      The mobile office is great.

  2. Your mobile office is nice! That is a big plus. Congratulations, Patsy.

  3. A mobile office would sure be fun, could spy on places and no one would know as you write away haha

  4. Cozy place to write and what a cute story :)


    1. Thanks for visiting, Betty! :)

    2. I think I'm converting everyone to a mobile office, Betty.

  5. Cool office, and who doesn't like a man in uniform?
    Great premise and wonderful title!
    Love the name, Patsy, too!

  6. I tend to base locations in my stories based on places I've been. That makes research easier.

  7. The research part sounded incredibly tough, Patsy, but someone had to do it, I suppose. If you decide to write a sequel and need a research assistant, just so you know, I am available 24/7.


    1. That's good to know, Helen. I appreciate it!

  8. This sounds like a fun read, Patsy! I like your sense of humour :) What's not to like about a hunky fireman? Thanks for the interview Chrys!

    1. Thanks, Lisa.

      Hunky firemen do seem quite popular.

  9. Nice interview! Writers certainly do need to do a lot of research in order to write their books.

  10. Wonderful interview as always, you seem to have the knack for interviewing, keep it up. Enjoy your week-end.

  11. Congratulations, Patsy. A fireman hero intrigues me. (My husband was a firefighter.) Wonderful interview, ladies. Thanks/

    1. Thanks, Beverly. You must be able to understand my interest in Handsome Hamish then.

  12. I kind of want a mobile office now, too.

    1. There are lots of advantages. Liz - lots of distractions from the writing too though.

  13. Hi Chrys .. good to see Patsy here - she does write wonderful stories ... so British. Patsy has a pretty amazing lifestyle, which I can easily see being converted into more stories ... Carry on Mobiling ... I guess??!! Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary.

      I'm sure how I live will eventually influence my stories.

  14. It's good learning about Patsy and her story. Her advice to new writers is very sound, and I bet writing in a camper van office is awesome!

    1. You're right, writing in the van is a lot of fun, Claudine.

  15. I've never read a romance that I can remember. Never interested me to be honest. However, this sounds intriguing. Especially if it's comedic.

    1. Thanks, Jeffrey. There's comedy and crime in the mix.


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