October 26, 2012

Closer To "THE END"

You have written so much in your novel and you feel so accomplished! “The End” is right at your fingertips. Can you feel it?

Chapter Ten was where you set off the first stick of dynamite. Since then you have been writing the fallout (what happened immediately after the event from Chapter Ten) and material to link that first explosion with the nuclear blast that is yet to come.

To understand how to construct your story from Chapter Ten to Chapter Fifteen see: Writing Filling Material

For Chapter Fifteen feel free to write something that could change the course of your story. Anything that will throw your reader off will work nicely. Here is a perfect place to raise the stakes in whatever way that you feel is fit.

Chapter Sixteen lays the groundwork for the climax. This is the moment when it appears that your protagonist is closer to their goal, even if there are more twists and turns waiting.

For a mystery/thriller, your detective could come closer to finding the suspect. Don’t worry though, this isn’t the end yet. You can still create obstacles for your protagonist. Maybe the person your protagonist believes is the suspect now will later on prove not to be.

For a romance, one or both of your characters may realize that they are really falling in love. You can make them struggle with their feelings or introduce a complication that makes love a “bad idea”, such as a returning ex or a problem that temporarily drives the two lovebirds apart. It’s up to you, after all this is YOUR book!

QUESTION: Are your writing a shocker near the end of your story? Do you care to reveal what that is?

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