August 10, 2012

Chapter Ten: Halfway To The End

Halleluiah! You’ve reached CHAPTER TEN! This is a big, important part of your book. First, it signifies that you are halfway to THE END. So, let me congratulate you on this major writing achievement. You’re almost there!

Second, this means that a big event can happen now—bigger than whatever happened in chapter six. Evaluate your detailed plan, look over what you have been writing, and consider what could happen next. Remember: The event that happens in Chapter Ten will make all the difference to the rest of your novel.

For a murder mystery, perhaps the investigator is getting too close for comfort and the killer has to take action. Maybe he attacks your investigator or another important character in your novel. For a suspense novel, anything can happen. 

For a romance novel, perhaps this is the first time your characters make love. Or maybe something traumatic happens to your main characters, like a car accident.
Whatever genre your novel is, take your writing spark, light the fuse, and let the fireworks begin!

When you’re writing your own book, you can do whatever you want. You have the say over what happens to your characters because you’re the creator. Now go and show your novel whose boss and shake things up!

QUESTION: What book have you read with an event that shocked you to the core?

FYI: All books are different and all writers work differently. Your novel may have shorter chapters, which will mean your chapter numbers may be higher. If you created a detailed plot, then you should be able to see where your half-way point is in your novel. Whenever I mention a chapter, just change it for what implies to you. The chapter numbers are just to help you complete your novel, not a rule.

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