June 15, 2012

Writing Chapter Six

The next time you’re working on your book, do me a favor and scroll up to take a look at all you’ve done. It’s really beginning to take shape, isn’t it? You have pages and pages of writing and it is beautiful! After all the sweat and blood you’ve put into it, isn’t it worth it to see the first five chapters? Oh yes, it is!

When you get to Chapter Six, you’ve officially come out of the beginning of your book. Celebrate this victory (pour a glass of wine, eat a box of chocolate, or heck, take a nap!) then grab a pen because it is time to start writing the next phase. 

Now is the time to let an event happen that will define the rest of your book. 

If you’re writing a romance, let sparks fly either from a blood-boiling argument or attraction that causes fireworks. If it hasn’t already happened, now is a perfect time for that first kiss between your characters. Make it good!

If you’re writing a thriller, bring a little (or a lot more) suspense to your story. Write something that’ll make your readers’ jaws drop! But remember, this event is just meant to spring you toward the middle of the book (where a bigger event is waiting to happen) and of course the ending, which is the grand finale.

QUESTION: What event will you let happen in Chapter Six of your book?

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