Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes, You Can Write A Novel!

Remember when you were little and you were told that you could do whatever you set your mind to? You believed that you were going to be an astronaut jumping from crater to crater on the moon. You saw yourself wearing a beautiful ballerina costume and dancing like a butterfly on stage in front of rows and rows of people.

Maybe you never took a ride on the shuttle or performed Swan Lake in a grand theater, but as children, we have magnificent imaginations, and in our playtime, we really did do those things that we imagined. No one could tell us different.

Now as an adult, you can still do whatever you set your mind to. And just like when you were a child, no one can tell you that you cannot write a novel. Anyone can write a novel. That does not exclude but includes YOU! Maybe it won’t be a great American novel, but it will be yours and that is a treasure to be cherished. Maybe it won’t be distributed all around the world, but it could be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.
Now say it out loud: “I CAN WRITE A NOVEL!!!!”

I can write a novel and so can you!
Photo by Chrys Fey

Here are five things that you need to write a novel:

1.    Determination
(As long as you are determined, then you can write a novel.)

2.     Microsoft Word
(To save your novel and check for grammar/spelling errors.)

3.    Inspiration
(Comes in many forms such as books and art. For me, its music. )    

4.    A source for advice
(“Write With Fey” is a perfect source for tips and advice.)

5.    An idea
(You can’t write a novel unless you have an idea for a story.)

And guess what? You do not need a degree in literature to write a book because a degree does not prove that you are a good writer, your writing does. You don’t even need a high school diploma! Having a GED (like I do) does not mean that you’re not as good of a writer as the New York Times Bestselling Authors.

I repeat, you do not need authorization to write a novel AND you do not need a degree as proof that you are a good writer. All you need is determination, Microsoft Word, inspiration, advice, and an idea. That’s it!

Now say it again and say it with pride: “I CAN WRITE A NOVEL!!!!”

QUESTION: What are your dreams for writing? Where do you hope you are in five years?

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  1. Another great blog! Everyone who reads your blogs will be inspired!

  2. The beginning of this blog is beautifully written. And I love the picture of the ballerina.

    In five years, I hope to be published.


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