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As your editor, I am fully committed to your work and want to see it at its best. To honor this commitment and privilege, I will do everything in my power as an editor to help you do this. For every client and every project, I give 110% of my effort and time.


CREDENTIALS: I have have years of experience as an author, editor, blogger, and presenter. I edited for Dancing Lemur Press from 2016 - 2021 and receive freelance clients through the blogging community and word-of-mouth. Scroll down for testimonials.


I Edit Fiction:

Flash Fiction/Short stories




Any Genre


Genres I Do Not Edit:


(Historical elements are okay, however.)



Before You Email Me: I require that all manuscripts be reviewed by at least 2 critique partners and/or beta readers.


Required Reading: Yes, I give my clients a bit of homework. lol In the beginning of our email exchange, I send three PDFs for my clients to read: Terms of Service (what you see here and more), Self-Editing Guide for Chrys Fey. (I ask clients to go through and implement this before submitting their manuscript to me. Doing this makes the first part of my editing process go a lot smoother.), and Tips for Chrys Fey's Clients (which are final tips on what to do after receiving my edits and before publishing).


My Process: My first stage of editing involves looking up common words and phrases in order to eliminate as many of them as I can. This part of the process can take 1-3 days depending on the length of the story and the usage of these words/phrases. You can make this process faster for me by downloading my PDF Self-Editing Guide for Chrys Fey.

After I complete this phase, I then read the manuscript in its entirety from beginning to end. During that time, I am doing developmental and line edits. Once I finish that, I complete a second read-through, but this time I create a document with my edits in place and read the manuscript backward, going paragraph by paragraph. This technique helps me to spot over-used words and other errors easily because I’m not focusing on the story. I input any new edits to your marked document.

During both stages, I am keeping notes of any problems I may come across and/or suggestions I have. When I complete my edits, I type up these notes. The next day, I read through the notes, making sure they are detailed enough to make sense. Then I email you your edited manuscript and the NOTES document. In the email, I always tell you what I enjoyed and briefly mention a couple of the problems I came across.

Please Note: I am not a proofreader. After my edits are completed, a proofreader is most likely necessary, especially after heavy edits.



Full Edits + Critique: (developmental AND line editsin which I comment on content (plot, scenes, and characters) for accuracy, consistency, and relate-ability. I will point out plot holes and character issues (if they say/do something that's not realistic). I will point out where more descriptions can go and sentences that need to be revised by you. I will offer easy fixes and suggestions for all of these. I will also offer suggestions on content (how to fix an issue within a scene or the plot). On the line editing side, I check for typos, punctuation, and grammar errors. I pay attention to the flow of sentences and pacing. One of my goals is to simplify the text to make it smoother and also add clarity, which may involve cutting out unnecessary words and sentences, as well as shortening run-on sentences. I will also check for redundancies, repeated words (repetitiveness), and POV/tense changes. All of this is done with TRACK CHANGES. Of course, I also point out the things I like.

Please Note: Some editors may do developmental and line edits separately, but not all editors work the same way. I know how to do both at the same time. It's how my editor's brain works. :)

Price: $1.00 per page


Manuscript Critique in which I focus on content (plot, scenes, and characters) with no typo fixes or other forms of editing. I will point out flaws in the story (if any). These flaws could be with a scene, dialogue, characters, sentences, or a plot hole. I offer easy fixes and suggestions on all problems I find. I will also comment on things I like. If there are glaring errors such as POV/tense problems, I will point these out, too, but I won’t fix them.

Price: $0.50 per page


Please Note: I use TRACK CHANGES for all edits and comments.


Flash Fiction/Short Stories: The minimum rate is $10 for stories that are ten pages or less. That rate applies to both services.



All payments will be done through PayPal.



1. Email me at ChrysFey(at), and I will be able to tell you when I have an opening. 

2. FIRST TIME CLIENTS receive free pages under limitations. I will edit the first 10 pages of your novel-length book (over 100 pages), or the first 5 pages of a novella of 50-100 pages for free. 

3. After I send back the first free pages and you like what you see, make the changes/edits to your manuscript for those changes, and then send me your complete manuscript.

4. When I finish my edits, I will send you the edited document back, along with a NOTES document for any issues I found.

5. TURNAROUND: Typically, my turnaround time is 5 days to 4 weeks. On average, it is two weeks. If I ever am delayed, I will let you know. 

6. SECOND ROUND: I do second rounds for anyone. The fee for the second round is half-off the original price PLUS the cost of new pages (if you add more content, such as a new chapter). For example: If your story is 100 pages and you’re a new client, you received the first 5 pages free, so your original price was $95. The fee for the second round would be $47.50. If you added twenty new pages, that would be $67.50, since I hadn't worked on those pages before.

7. THIRD ROUND: If a client feels this is necessary, a third round can be discussed.










"Chrys Fey's professional editing has helped my current manuscript and my ongoing writing practice immensely. Her specific comments and changes suggested on the manuscript have helped me ground my writing in good mechanics. She's discovered typos, overused words, and areas where I need to add, take away, or re-order pieces to create good pacing within a scene and within the whole work. In addition to the professional, critical feedback she gives, she always sprinkles in encouraging words to keep me going in the right direction. Plus, she's an editor who goes above and beyond in the way she encourages authors. She knew I was struggling with some revisions, and she sent me a playlist she'd been listening to while editing. It brightened my day and really helped me tackle the tough part of writing. I highly recommend Chrys Fey as an editor." – Tyrean Martinson, author of Liftoff

"I had the pleasure of working with Chrys Fey when she edited my book, The Window. There were several areas where I felt she really stood out. First, she was a great communicator. She provided both detailed edits (word choice, grammar, conciseness) and superb notes on ways I could improve the book. She asked questions to make me think about how my characters responded in certain situations, why events transpired the way they did, and plot gaps that she noticed. Second, she voiced her opinions about how the book made her feel as a reader. This is something I haven't gotten from other editors and it was extremely valuable to me to make the book better. Finally, her notes and edits were written in such a way as to educate me. I feel I am a better writer today because of what I learned from her." – Dave Cole, author of The Window

“Chrys is a fantastic editor to work with and a true professional. She has excellent communication skills and provided detailed feedback on my novel Big Red. Chrys has a keen eye for detail, catching mistakes that I had overlooked on multiple occasions and offered great insights on how to tighten up scenes. If you’re looking for an editor to bring your novel to life, I couldn’t recommend Chrys highly enough.” – Damien Larkin, author of Big Red and co-founder of the British and Irish Writing Community and Bard of the Isles online magazine.

 “I love Chrys Fey as my editor. I write in different genres, and she helps me shape each story to fit horror and suspense. She goes well beyond a line editor. I’ve been working with Chrys since 2017. The first book was Six Plus One, which she helped bring out more emotion during my characters’ death scenes. She turned Perfect Little Murder into something enjoyable to read and even came up with the title. Now, in 2020, she helped me show more of the mystery aspects in my horror novella, Urban Legends. I can’t wait to publish it.

I hope to continue working with her. Out of my six books, Six Plus One and Perfect Little Murder continue to be the ones that get the highest ratings on Goodreads and Amazon.“ – Yawatta Hosby, author of Perfect Little Murder

"I'm so glad to have worked with Chrys on multiple books. She is thorough, but also fast, delivering her notes in the time she promised. Her suggestions always helped improve the story, and she'd bring up points that always made me think about how others would see the scene to ensure I was telling the story in a way that made sense (aka no plot holes!). I've also become better at where those pesky commas go thanks to her. I'm already planning on working with her for upcoming books and highly recommend her." – Patricia Lynne/Patricia Josephine, author of Tempting Friendship and Leaves of Fall


"Chrys Fey not only was able to pin-point every comma, misspelling, or stumbling phrase, but went beyond the simple grammar to locate other issues, which brought my manuscript to the next level. Her hard work was always accompanied with words of advice to help steer me in the right direction."  Tonja Drecker, author of Music Boxes 

"I would highly recommend Chrys as an editor. I learned of her services through the group Insecure Writers Support Group when I was searching for someone to edit my second book. She has very reasonable rates and does an amazingly thorough job. Chrys is timely, professional, and her editing style warm and encouraging but also critical and informative." – Meka James, author of  Not Broken.