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Be My Guest

PLEASE NOTE: I only host book blasts and book tour posts for writers I know personally. If we're blogging friends and you want to add me to your blog tour, shoot me an email and I'll see if I can fit you in on a Friday. Preferably the 2nd or 4th Friday of the month. I also have special posts if you're interested in seeing the instructions for them: Scene Spotlight, Author/Character Date, Muse Meet and Greet.


I am looking for articles from writers related to writing, publishing, editing, and marketing. Anything that could help writers in all stages of the process.

I will publish writing-related guest posts once or twice a month on a Monday (third week and/or fifth week depending on the calendar month).

Please view my blog to make sure the article you want to pitch is not a topic I've already discussed and that your article offers something new.

My Blog:


There is a layout that I prefer for posts on my blog. I like there to be an opening of some kind. This can be a sentence or a paragraph to explain the importance of the information you'll be sharing or your own personal experience. Then bullets or numbered headers (10 at the max, 3 at the minimum), with information that follows each one. And at the end, a small closing. Again, that can be a sentence or a paragraph. 

For example: Bactine for Book Readings


1. Pitch me your article. If it sounds like something I'd be interested in having on my blog, I'll request to read it. After that, I'll let you know my decision.

2. Email me at ChrysFey(at)yahoo(dot)com with "Write with Fey Guest Post" in the subject line

3. Include a short bio (one paragraph) at the end of your article and your social media links. Please hyperlink them.

4. Attach a .JPEG author photo.

5. If you have a new release out that goes with the information you're sharing, attach the .JPEG cover art and send me a few buy links.

6. Please share your guest post to your social media once it goes live. I will share your guest post on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I look forward to hosting you!